My girldfriend gave me a GREAT idea today!

I just got this great idea today from my girlfriend and I just wanted to share it with the rest of you. I finally decided to let her read my cog just see what she thought of it.

Anyway after playing it for about a minute she got really upset at the fact that some of the options were greyed out. She was still mad even though I explained to her that certain decesions see made earlier on would affected whether or not she was able to go certain routes or make certain decisions as the game progressed.

Boy was she ever pissed. “I don’t care, just fix it!” she kept on saying. So I agreed to “fix” it, but then started thinking that yes it may be fun for her but it would be so boring for someone else who wants to play the game and have the decisions they make really affect the game. So I started thinking how can i please her and still keep the game interesting.

Then it hit me. I can set a simple choice at the begining of the game with a variable asking if they want to play Hard, Medium, or Easy and the stats will change based on what choice they chose.

So for example if they fought someone and they are playing easy then they would get +5 strength instead of +2 etc.

What do you think? is this something you would integrate in your cog?

If you haven’t read my demo its at.

p.s. The character named Sarah who was outspoken and liked to climb trees is based on my girlfriend . For some reason she likes to climb trees. lol.

Blade a.k.a Blackicicle

I don’t know - it seems like a lot of work just to please a small portion of people. A lot of people I’ve met who play CYOA-type games enjoy having consequences to their actions. But if you’re willing to take it on, go for it.

Personally, I don’t think I’d bother. Multiple-choice games aren’t for everyone, and they don’t have to like them. I can see wanting to make your game accessible to a wide range of people - even I’m doing that, just with different niches - but it seems to defeat the purpose of a multiple-choice game.


I considered this and then thought instead of doing it in modes to just make it part of professions. In my game, playing as a soldier is easy mode, and as minister or carpenter as hard mode.

Also in the beginning, I mostly use *if instead of selectable_if. I wanted to hide choices instead of making people feel like they don’t have the option. Then later in the game, I show them there is replay value.

The idea is original though, and that makes games stand out.

Actually, that is similar to what I’ve been doing. (Ironically my wife is the one that is iffy on the idea.) I have three options at the beginning of the game: Verbosity, Hard Mode and Skip Intro.

Normally Verbosity is on, turning it off cuts out a lot of the ‘world building’. As my CoG is in a space setting with aliens, if you turn verbosity off, it cuts out the descriptions of the aliens, cuts out the part where the layout of the ship you ride on is described, and shortens a couple of discriptions of rooms and things that always happen. I did this because I found that I end up skiping a lot of text in a lot of the games. For example, I wanted the 8/7 commendations for Marine Raider, and so I played it three or four times to get them. Eventually I got it, but then I realized that when I actually got it, I didn’t read more than a dozen words on my last play through. This isn’t really that hard, as all I’m doing (so far) is adding <*if verbosity> and hitting the space bars on what I think can be cut.

My next option is Hardmode. right now I’m still doing the character generation, so it’s not coming up a lot, but Hardmode is not just ‘you get fewer skill points’. Mostly it’s randomization of skill checks, so sometimes Hardmode can actually make the game easier. Really, it’s mostly to make it less predictable. You can play through the game with Hardmode on, make the same decesions, and get different outcomes. For example, one of the things you can do in the character generation is say you enrolled in college. The game then checks if you have a certain intelligence level and then says whether you get in or not. You then get stat changes based on that. If Harmode is on, then the game randomizes how much intelligence you need. So the code looks something like this (note: I use rand_# as place holder numbers):

*label enter_college
*if hardmode
-*rand rand_1 50 70
-*if intelligence > rand_1
–*goto college_accept
–*goto college_reject
*if intelligence > 60
-*goto college_accept
*label college_reject
You’re application is rejected.
*label college_accept
You get into college.

Also, there are a few options where you do things just to show how you handle things (diplomatically, with force, tactically, ect). For example: In a starting sequence, you’re faced with someone around a corner, probably with a weapon drawn. You can spook them by trying to glance around the corner, then try to step out diplomatically. For that I still give you a few skill points in diplomacy and perception (for trying to scout and for trying to handle things with words). If hardmode is on, I give fewer points for that combo (spooking your target then walking out with your hands up), and nix intelligence a bit. (They do take a shot the first time you stick your head out, so it’s not as though you don’t have any warning.)

My final options is Skip Intro. I haven’t yet implimented it at all (and may very well cut it altogether as I’m starting to realize how much work goes into a CoG game) but essentially it will pull up a random character and give a brief overview of thier life. As I haven’t yet worked on it I can’t exactly say much more, but I’m thinking that if I do keep it, it will be a handful of pre-built character with a few directions for each one.

tl;dr: Yea, I’ve got somethings I’ve been working on that are similar. Just some options when you start the game.

Yeah I agree with the rest of the folks here… blade you be pulling a mission man… Trying to tie in all that extra work to what a good story you already got going…but do what you gotta do man… I know how a girl friend is… Haha … So yeah if your up for the extra work do it… If not just keep what you and continue… :wink: