Music while writing or playing


well cant go wrong with the scanner darkly soundtrack when writing anything with a dark twinge to it really, although it either has to be quiet or just not there at all if i want to get some writing actually done, need to focus on these things: but, well its a great ambient score great for setting a mood.


well I’m kinda weird when it come to music…

I don’t use music to write…for scene or anything like that .

Music to me is more like the MUSE . When I find a new soundtrack or song , I get ideas . So I keep listening to the music and thats how I start writing .

I can see stories in music…


I very often get inspired to write something from a song, or even just from the mood the song evokes, but I can’t listen to music at all while I write. I need complete silence, no distractions.

While playing? If I’m doing something really repetitive, I might put music on, but I usually trust whatever I’m playing to provide the right back ground music.


Ooh, A Scanner Darkly is fantastic for something with a sci-fi/thriller/futuristic feel. I’ve listened to that one a ton!

Currently listening to lots of country music for a project that doubles up for the soundtrack to a tabletop game I run. Nice to be able to have multiple purposes to the playlists!


Ever since it’s been realesed I’ve been listing to the pathologic 2 soundtrack quite a bit Here is a song from it and Here is another

Usually I don’t try to match the music to what I’m writing too much, so usually I just have Talking Heads on.


The new Polyphia album is a good listen for when I’m drawing, writing or anything, really.
Besides that, Tool have a really laid back vibe to them as does Colter Wall.

Colter Wall is amazing for getting me into the right headspace to write, especially his live recording sessions like his Brewery Session or Behind The Lines.

Chet Baker is nice and relaxing too if you find lyrics and vocals to be distracting.


I have like 3 different playlists I juggle while writing for my WIP all of them completely different from the others…
I guess it really depends on what mood I’m in :confused:

Here are the playlists if anyone is interested.

If we’re talking about songs that make me think of a particular CoG or HG I think this song reminds me a little of Fallen Hero :slight_smile:


Not that weird, it works much like that for me too! :slightly_smiling_face:


I pretty much have to listen to music when I write I don’t know if it keeps me focused or what. I can’t listen to orchestral either (unless it’s video game music) I’ve gotta have lyrics for some reason. I’ve also tried to write while listening to comedians but thats more distracting than anything I guess cause you have to pay super attention or because… y’know… it’s like someone is trying to talk to you the entire time your writing. To take it a step forward I’ve gotten ideas for entire stories from certain songs.


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Any song will do as long as it’s by imagine dragons. Every song gives me a different vibe and doesn’t distract me from the task at hand :beers:

Ps: why was the previous comment flagged though?


I figure that some folks are just a bit too iffy, which is a shame as it doesn’t really offend anyone or anything. I just hope they’re not discouraged to keep participating on the forum.

On the topic at hand,

Brings childhood nostalgia


Yes, I know I’m a plane nerd and Ace Combat weeb, but this song brings out powerful emotion that pushes me to keep writing. If you’re writing action story and the main character is on their final battle against the final boss (or just on their final hurdle), this is fitting music.

Anyway, this is it, an extended version, half an hour.