Murder Mystery Meta

I’m working on my game titled “Murder Mystery Meta”. It’s for a school project but I might work on developing it for Hosted Games too. You’re invited to a murder mystery dinner party by your old friend Nora, where you meet an ensemble of eccentric guests. When an actual murder is revealed to have taken place, you must get to the bottom of the mystery before it’s too late.

It’s very short right now, but I’m working on it every day. It’s due on Tuesday, so it’ll stay short until I finish it. Once I finish the actual game, I’ll add more content if there is interest. The central game mechanic is the randomized murders, which gives it a high replayability. The writing right now is eh, because my teacher is mainly focused on if we can make good code. I’ll improve the writing once the core game is complete.

Because of the deadline, expect many updates.

Currently it’s about 15% done, I finished one chapter where you meet all the guests, and right now I am working on the dinner part where you play the murder game until the murder is revealed. Hopefully the randomness isn’t too much of an obstacle. I’m planning about 4-5 chapters total. For reference, the draft of the first chapter has about 3,000 words of code. The second and third chapters will have more words, as that’s the majority of the story itself. The layout of chapters is like this:

Ch 1: Meet the guests
Ch. 2: Play the murder mystery game, this chapter ends with the murder being revealed.
Ch. 3: After the murder, investigate the house and the other characters
Ch. 4: Might break up the investigation chapter into another one if needed for organization
Ch. 5: Conclusion wrap up loose ends

Play the demo here:

Any and all feedback is appreciated.


Just wanna say that Reno 911 did a two part episode on this premise and it is an absolute delight how much fun they had with it. That tone would be damn near impossible with text, but worth checking out if this interests you. Also, Murder By Death is still an all-time great.

Are there any romance options?

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The premise makes me remember the 1985 film Clue.

I have a bug for you - if you don’t introduce yourself to the person outside, your name is not set anywhere. That makes dialogues quite… odd.

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