Multireplace "invalid @{} variable substitution"

I’m having trouble with multireplace.

The error I’m getting is: “Error: court line 68: invalid @{} variable substitution at letter 1”

My code looks like this:

It is
@{palace_grandeur a squat room held up by thick columns | a fair hall of great columns | an airy hall with great columns | a large hall with great columns |
an incredible engineering achievement, as ceiling is supported by thin columns | easy to see why travelers think Ured was built by giants, for your
massive throneroom’s arched ceilings are supported by almost impossibly thin columns | easy to see why travelers think Ured was built by giants, for your
colossal throneroom is a truly-awe inspiring sight, a wonder of the world fit to seat the most honored of gods. Its columns }

The variable “palace_grandeur” is established in startup as

*create palace_grandeur 1

And altered in lines from the earlier part of the scene (potentially increased.) There’s no way that it would drop below 1 or rise above the maximum number of options.

Try to add this in somewhere just to test if other stuff is working (then take it out later):

*temp test ""
*set test "@{palace_grandeur 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10}"

palace_grandeur = ${test}

I don’t think you can add line break/enter inside multireplace.

Thanks for the test.
That part indeed functioned just fine.

Oh. So you’re saying that it all has to be one very long line of code? That’s cumbersome.

Well, you can always use *if for long paragraphs. There’s no much difference, and it’s also looks more tidier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Or you can endure the pain


A young, ${appearance} of teenage years with a ${skin_col} colored skin. @{(transmorphed = 4) Facial features include ${eye_col}|A transmorphed, with ${eye_col}} eyes and @{hair_l bald head, claimed that ${pc_he} can't grow ${pc_hisl} hair.|bald hair on registration date. Claimed that ${baldlol}, and the hair is of a ${hair_col} color and|||||} @{(hair_t + 1) |||Straight|Wavy|curly}@{(hair_l = 2) type when not bald.|,} @{hair_l ||very-short hair.|short hair.|fairly long hair.|fairly long hair.|long hair.}
And deal with it :smiling_imp:

It’s one of my single line-code in my WiP.

You can add *line_breaks by typing in [n/]! I’m doing that in my WIP, actually.


Ah, yes. [n/] is an exception.

That worked. Thanks @Szaal for identifying the root of the problem.

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