Multaple condissions with disable_reuse

So. I decided to change some stuff in my fanfick book. Still working on it, think I am going go till about December, then judge what I am going to do with it. Either submit it to the Author, hopefully give some ideas. If not? Shoot it up on the Fanfick forum. Anyway.
Right now, I have some code that looks like this:

	*hide_reuse *if a_relationship >or=70 #I asked ${A_name} to drive me, I say.

Not quite sure if that is the correct format, I first had it as *ifs, but almost had 1 where it would continualy loop on itself, so decided to change them all over to choices, with selectible_ifs.
Anyway. Thoughs? Corrections?

You don’t need or between > and =. In fact, you can’t. Just write >=.

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