Combining *if and *allow/hide_reuse - can it be done?

You’d have thought, if it were at all possible, you’d write it like this:

I’m gonna go play

 *if (friends_with_team_captain) *hide_reuse #Rugby!
              Yay, Rugby!
              *goto rugby
 *hide_reuse #Football!
              Yay, Football!
              *goto football

But it doesn’t. Does anyone have any bright ideas as to how I can work around this? Without using a boolean to if every single one… :confused:

Moving the #'s in line doesn’t seem to work either.

EDIT: Nevermind, figured it :stuck_out_tongue:

 *if (friends_with_team_captain)
  *hide_reuse #Rugby!

seems to work

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@CJW I recall posting an epic example of that fun stuff:

Advanced *choice is on the Wiki TODO list . . . or if it wasn’t before, it is now. :wink:

My bad… Should’ve used the search function :confused:

Quick update on this, you can actually combine these commands, but the reuse term needs to come first. Or that’s how it seems with my latest experiences anyway.

*allow_reuse *if (policeman) #Arrest Him

Should work fine.