So, I think Choice should add “Mulligans” (the ability to go back and select a different choice) to their games. They could make it a “premium” option for only those customers who have purchased the game (thereby increasing sales, hopefully). I would limit the amount of mulligans also to maybe 3 to 5, depending on the length of said game. Of course there are many other ways it could be employed. Like selling them for a dollar a piece (though to me that seems a little overpriced and kind of underhanded). But it would be a great addition to the games, and help people who picked an option accidentally. Or those times when your halfway through the game and you pick that awesome looking option (you know, the option to steal that powerful artifact you been wanting the ENTIRE game) only to think “I shouldn’t have done that, it goes against every other choice I have made for this awesome character so far. But, I don’t want to start all the way over either.”. Sure would be great to be able to say " I’ll just use one of my Mulligans!". Anyway, just a suggestion. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

While the pricing model is kinda sketchy for such a feature, a back button or undo function is one of the… hotter topics in the community. Currently, going back is against the company’s guideline (undoing your choice is not making choice at all!), but a man’s finger is always itchy so accidents happen.

Currently, only the author can have the power to code an undo button. And even then, I guess it’d have to be a madlad author like k_gold or S. Andrew S. to let CoG have such feature in their game.

And an off-topic, I thought of MTG when you said mulligan and I was like, “What? Mulligan your choice to get better cards?”