Hit Me - Blackjack Dealer


More an experiment in extracting letters from a series, than a real attempt at a game: Here’s blackjack. Haven’t completed betting in any fashion (despite it being mentioned) and each playthrough is a reload of the game (so your dealer changes every single time), but it’s complete enough to play a full hand hand though. Oh, and for those interested: here’s the code.


Well, it’s not much all on its own but it’s still interesting. Good job thinking outside the box for possible uses of choicescript.


Mostly it was just practice so I had a good grasp of foo#bar and length(foo) for my guide. If you check the code, it actually legitimately shuffles a deck, with each card represented by a letter. A-M I think is Spades, N-Z is Clubs, a-m is hearts, and n-z is diamonds (or something like that). The game then deals the cards into hands which is then where they’re actually read from. It could work very much as a backbone for card games in general, although AI for anything more complex than blackjack would be pretty code intensive (and well outside CS’s design scope).

I was actually thinking Tarot, though I’m not sure about the best way of tracking up/down orientation.


Nicely done. The maths side for betting would be a pain to implement.