Moving to Twine! - Greater than Gods WIP

Hello, everyone! The story shall remain here as I finish working on the tweaks to have it translated to Twine, however, I shall be abandoning this thread from now on. If you want to keep up with my updates make sure to follow my Tumblr or join the Discord server!

Here’s also the link to my profile in case anyone wants to follow it for updates as well


After having taken a test which revealed some imbalances in your blood, you’ve found out a truth about yourself which meant everything you knew would suddenly change.

With the last update, the demo is 39758 words without code, 41783 with code, and 16476 words on average per gameplay.

So far, it includes

  • Introduction and naming of the MC, as well as selecting some aspects of their appearance.
  • Introduction of the first three ROs and a fourth main character.
  • A first look into the conflict and world-building of the story.

Read the demo here

About the ROs

Tegan Gutiérrez
Tegan‌ is a transgender afrolatina woman with 29 years of age (she/her, lesbian). She ‌has long and wavy ‌ginger‌ hair, which she’s just as likely to have loose or tied up in a ponytail or bun. Her freckles‌ ‌cover ‌her‌ ‌brown ‌skin and frame her amber eyes. Her face is rather round and chubby.

Her clothes can be classified as feminine, soft, and comfortable, usually in pastel blues or warm colors. She occasionally wears subtle jewelry as well.

She’s one of your roommates, and you consider her one of your closest friends. She runs a coffee shop and used to work as a photographer, though she currently keeps the latter as a more casual job.

Tegan is a hard-working person, she’s used to fighting for things to go her way. Yet the fighting hasn’t made her any less soft and caring for others, she still worries deeply for the people she considers close and treats people kindly when her patience doesn’t run thin.

Liao “Evan” Qiang
Evan is a 27-year-old cisgender man of Chinese descent (he/him, homosexual). Evan is his English name, which he prefers more. He keeps his hair bleached blonde. Despite having dyed it different colors before, he prefers the blonde best. His eyes are a dark brown which contrasts again his pale and angular face.

He likes to show skin when it comes to clothes, as well as bending the concepts of what can be considered feminine or masculine. He feels comfortable in his own skin and makes it evident.

He’s your other roommate and you also think of him as your best friend. He dropped out of college early, unable to function under the pressure. This makes him struggle to get a stable job now.

He is a fun-loving person, it’s not rare to see him leave the house when the sun sets and coming back in the morning. He’s got a laid back personality, Evan mainly lets things happen, rather than taking action. This sometimes makes him completely unaware of the situations surrounding him.


Wyatt is a 25-year old nonbinary person. (they/them, bisexual) They have short raven hair, clearly cut by themself. Their teal eyes rest under their thick brows, decorated with an eyebrow piercing. Their pale skin bears an eye-catching port-wine stain across their right cheek. They’re also rather short and underweight.

As for their clothing, they tend to stick with dark purples or blacks, wearing mainly hooded garments, meaning hoodies or cloaks. They always wear their choker, which is a thick black band with a pendant shaped like two overlapping squares hanging from it.

They have a stoic personality and a lack of ability to easily bond with others, which contrasts their selfless nature accompanied by their need for justice. They’re detail-oriented and stubborn. They put way too many things on their shoulders and then take the blame when they don’t go as expected.


Zophiel is a gender-selectable character. (can appear as a man, woman or non-binary, bisexual) They’ve got light brown hair, iridescent against the light. The length of their hair varies depending on their gender; as a man, it’s almost waist length, as a woman it’s a pixie cut and when non-binary, it’s slightly shorter than shoulder length. Their eyes are inhumanly blue, a subtle glow always coming off from them, and they have pointy ears as well as sharp teeth. They are over two meters tall.

Their fashion sense is, to put it simply, fancy. They take pride in being overdressed for any occasion, they favor golds, dark greens, and blues. They’re just as likely to wear a suit or a dress regardless of gender

Zophiel is quite arrogant and old-fashioned, which you quickly notice as soon as they speak. It’s clear they’re cunning and know more than what they show. It’s hard to read their true intentions, or where their loyalties lay. But what’s certain is that when they pick a side, they are loyal to a fault.


Absolutely love the friends, Tegan is my responsible queen and Evan is no doubt going to be a lovable ally in the chaos that is to come. I very much vibe with them. Absolutely can’t wait to meet the others! :relieved: :heart:

That’s all for now but I’ll be reading more of this wip whenever I can because this is the top tier good stuff! :heart_eyes:


Seems pretty interesting :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been following this on tumblr and I’m so happy you put it here!!

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hi!! just wanted you to know that I am absolutely in love with Tegan and Evan and I am so happy the ROs are so diverse :pleading_face: it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a transgender RO and I’m so happy :pleading_face:


yessss cruz yess!!! I love this and I love my sonsband Evan and my wife Tegan, super proud of you!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

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This was awesome! I loved it, I definitely hope you get to finish this and I will be definitely waiting for future updates.

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hell yeah hell yeah !!! super stoked to see this here as well, and absolutely adore the update :pleading_face: :heart: can’t wait to see what’s in store !!


I’m totally hooked already! Evan is so precious and Tegan is the best, okay. :pleading_face: so good job, keep it up!!

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This game looks like fun! Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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It’s officially been a day since the release and I couldn’t be happier to see all of the people who have enjoyed my story so far ahhh. Thank you to everyone who left a comment, liked the thread or was at least curious enough to open the demo, it means the world to me


Me like👍, can’t wait to see where it goes.


ahhhh thank you Lemon!! I’m glad you’re vibing with the characters already and I’m very excited to keep writing more :sob:


thank you!!

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oh!! i’m glad to hear you remained interested even if it took me forever to finish akjcfnvkev, thank you!

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aaaa thank you so much! if you’d like more games with trans ROs I recommend Smoke and Velvet by @Roast (Fatima is a trans woman and Danny is gender selectable but if he’s a man he’s also trans) and Snakeroot by @cer! (Mallory is a trans man) It’s important for me to have people feel represented so I’m trying my best


Thank u Freya aaaaaaaa, sonsband will always crack me up kdfjnlg

I’m glad to hear you liked it!! I definitely hope I can finish this as well jkflrvncs

Cer!!! thank you aaa, i can’t wait to keep writing either :sob:

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ahh I’m glad you’re enjoying the story and the characters!! thank you,

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