Most anticipated HG WIP?

Thanks for supporting Shepherds of Haven, @JMH and @ReverseFlash, I’m anticipating 2019 to be the year we get it done!! :grin::raised_hands:t2:


Since we are talking about HG title and excluding the submitted title :

Lords of Infinity by @Cataphrak
Keeper of Sun and Moon 2 by @daydreamsincolor
Sheppeard of Haven by @rinari
Fallen Hero : Retribution by @malinryden
Golden Rose by @Anathema
Keeper of Fairfort by @Cheion


Where all my serial killers at? :face_with_monocle:


The enchanter Misery :-):grin: but you mention it is not in your top priority yet :-):stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you, Eric! :hugs: That’s my first mention ever. And let me just say how invaluable your support in the thread has been.

For newer WIPs, there’s a few I’m very excited about. So let me update my list (in no particular order):

  1. Good Intentions by @Joshua_Koch - Dark, gritty and intensely atmospheric. The story grips you from the start and holds you in place until the end of the demo. Plus, there’s a mystery to unveil. I’ve always loved mysteries.

  2. The Fallen Divine by @DzHonest - Really unique and interesting premise. Great prose and dialogue. I love the way we can recruit our companions - they’re all very different.

  3. Shepherds of Haven by @rinari - Fantastic writing, compelling world and the characters :ok_hand: the characters make you want to cry for more. Plus, it’s inspired by dragon age origins. What else is there to say, really?

  4. Fallen Hero: Retribution by @malinryden - This one needs no introduction. I haven’t read the demo yet because I want to wait for the whole game, but I’m sure it’s amazing. It has to be, it has Ortega in it.

Also, can’t believe I’ve forgotten but:

  1. The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two by @Seraphinite - Another one that doesn’t need an introduction. I am so ready to smooch the heck out of Mason.

But there are so many wonderful WIPs popping up on the forum nowadays, that my list will probably keep ever growing.


Oh my thank you @Eric_knight! It’s my first mention too and I’m really honored :’) your support has been a great motivator and I hope I can deliver up to your expectations!

As for mine…

  1. Good Intentions by @Joshua_Koch. I was completely hooked from the first two pages. Definitely one I’m going to buy when it comes out!
  2. Fallen Hero: Retribution by @malinryden. One of the few books where I can relate very well to the MC, with a subtle yet extremely realistic take on psychological issues.
  3. Shepherds of Haven by @rinari. I love the NPCs so much and I love the world she’s managed to build~
  4. Lords of Infinity by @Cataphrak. No gender lock is keeping me away from this!

Wow, thanks @Anathema! I didn’t expect The Fallen Divine to be ‘anticipated’. This really puts motivation on my motivation, thanks again!


Really a lot of great stories being worked on right now. I think 2019 is going to be a very good year for HG releases.

A few of my current favorites:

Fallen Hero 2: Retribution: The first one blew me away, and from what I’ve read so far the follow-up is shaping up even better.

Diaspora: Fantastic world building and a truly memorable cast of characters.

Keepers of Fairfort: A magical murder mystery in a world full of supernatural beings? So completely right up my alley.

Apex Predators: The game that asks the question “How does a vampire survive the zombie apocalypse?” A question I had no idea I needed answered until I read the demo.

The Golden Rose: Excellent character building and fight scenes that make me intensely jealous that I can’t write that well. :sweat_smile:

Donor: This game does a fantastic job of making the reader feel the choking claustrophobia and constant tension of being half a step away from death while trapped in a vampire’s lair.


@Joshua_Koch Seeing my WIP on your list completely made my day. Thank you! :heart::heart::heart:


LORDS OF INFINITY!!! No contest. Also Guinevere.


Keepers of the sun and moon


Thank you! :heart_eyes:

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Samurai of Hyuga Book 4!


Lord’s of Infinity, Dragon Racer, and Road to the Coliseum for me. It’s. So. Dang. Close. I’m dying from anticipation


Definitely Mass Mother Murderer. By @Samuel_H_Young.


There’s lots of great ones in the works. I guess my faves are rather predictable though:

Vendetta, Rise of a Gangster,
Fallen Hero part deux,
Keeper of the Sun and Moon and its second part,
Wayhaven Part 2, Waywalkers part 3.

Except for Vendetta they are all sequels it seems…hmm…:thinking:

Only real surprises there for people who know me would probably be “Creme de la Creme” and “Return to Zemia”.

Then there is of course my eternal hope @Moreau might decide to resurrect the Myrmidon.

XoR, in spite of deviating from most of the CoG conventions is not a Hosted game, so I guess that one wouldn’t count here. :sweat_smile:


I’m also looking for to Demon recollect, even though it’s still in it’s early stages.


I don’t read very many WIPs, but Fallen Hero 2 and Freak Amidst Neon Lights look particularly cool.


Especially Guenevere.


Choice of Rebels 2, Fallen Hero 2, Evertree Saga 3, Guenevre, ZE:SH part 3, Wayhaven Chronicles 2
These are the ones coming to my mind quickly.

Edit: Scratch XoR 2. Noticed just now that this thread is about HGs.