Morsus Mihi, Law enforcement game dealing with superhumans (Updated:11/22/18 Episode 1 45% Complete)

Heh, he does have quite an ego.

He’s also quite dead, burned alive actually by another fellow Epic you will be meeting :grinning:. Turns out Deus wasn’t all that impervious to fire.

One of the most inovative themes that i ever saw around here.

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So, I’ve spent a good 6 hours of my time trying to finish up the Pilot Episode or first chapter. Needless to say, I ended up expanding my work count even more than necessary. I really have a new found respect for the authors that focus on the replay-ability of their games(which is what I’m trying to do or at least attempting). Inclusion the pilot episode is about 95-7% done.


I found some errors…

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Thanks, I’ll get to fixing them later today

It has a good start. Looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying it. Please feel free if to ask any questions about the story you have or give any suggestions/

Oh man the game has so much potential I called my agent Nick Fury I’m looking forward to see what u do

Thanks, I hope to work my way into having the game live up to its potential.
Agent Nick Fury?
*if (pcname = “Nick”) and (surname = “Fury”)
*set losesaeye true


I stand the name


Well then, Officer. Nick Fury it is.

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if you pick auburn hair for the baby boy the nest text says you have blond hair

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I[quote=“Jake8517, post:32, topic:45801, full:true”]
if you pick auburn hair for the baby boy the nest text says you have blond hair

Thanks, I don’t know why I had blond for auburn hair, must have been a mistake.
I’ll reupdate the demo along with any other reports, once I have half of Episode one done.

Hey guys, I wanted to have your opinion which if the three character backgrounds did you like? Also if you had any criticisms or suggestions to improve on them, I know they are a bit vague and short but this done intentionally because I wanted to get the pilot episode done. Later on in the story, there will be a option to specify the details of what happened in your background.

  • Vendetta
  • Black-Sheep
  • Samaritan

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Will there be more stats like a combat stat.

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Officer Nick Fury and a leather case in the shape of a shield you legend

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Are you asking if there will be more combat-related stats? Assuming this is the case, my answer is no, because of the story, it’s implied you’ve passed the Agencies very select application process. Being highly proficient in; athleticism, hand to hand combat, firefights, marksmanship, and etc, is a prerequisite. But stats such as relationships with other characters, health, armor, etc will be added.

:sweat_smile: But of course, this is already added in. Play your cards right and Director Nick Fury, maybe be possible in the far future
Sorry guys for taking so long to respond, I’ve spent all day working to update part of episode one, only to find out that CSIDE isn’t registering the chapter as part of the scene list, so instead the game continuing where you left off, the demo just ends at the elevator.

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Theirs my hand did I win director

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So how will you know if you are going to win a fight with out combat-related stats.

The simplest answer is by tracking how you play by your strengths and weaknesses(there’s also an armor and health stat), this isn’t a high power fantasy and it’s not always going to be a fight. For example, in the picking of your gene, each has a strength but also a tradeoff. The bone density trait obviously increases your durability, yes? Let’s say in an imaginary scenario, you’re called into a situation where a man with Class C superstrength is in the middle of robbing a convenience store and somehow he gets close enough to throw a punch and send you flying into a wall, here’s how things might play out: For an MC with the bone density gene, it may take a good minute or three for them to get back up from the blow and your health would be down by 10 points and this would be a same for an MC that doesn’t have the gene but is an Entry specialist as they get a heavier set of armor. Now for an MC who has neither of these two variables, in all cases their going to lose a good amount of health but depending on their armor rating, one might either be out of the fight completely if their armor is rating is too low or still be in it if their armor is high enough.

In terms of combat, let’s use the same example except for this time you haven’t gone inside yet. There will be two approaches depending on your operator role(for the sake of time I’m giving one example); The Designated Marksman(DM) has the option of setting up a position where they can provide overwatch as the team goes in, if the situation becomes dire you be given the option of taking a shot but whether to incapacitate or kill is for you to decide.


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