Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02

To be fair to everyone that isn’t the makers of Candy Crush. King media is a horrible horrible company that tried to sue the creators of the game they ripped off the design of when making candy crush for copyright infringement.

Hopefully it can be easily solved with a quick name change or something…

yeah, my guess is just a name change should be okay
something like
“monster academy” or something

Just checked the link at 21:30 GMT and got the following:

Seems strange that CoG would do that.

What the hell happened there?!! It is very strange even with the copyright theory… I mean I love CoG and stuff but i don’t think it is such a big motion to get mattel worrying about it… I mean Mattel is almost a world-wide company while CoG as much would have 200,00 fans I don’t see how this would be a problem with mattel!!!

I’m as confused as anyone. The request says it’s from Choice of Games, so I don’t think the issue is the working title (I was planning to change it anyway.) My best guess of what the hell is going on is that CoG asked Dropbox to take down illegally shared copies of their finished games, and Dropbox took down everything in ChoiceScript.

The good news: all of my files are safe, and as far as I know, I still have CoG’s blessing to make this game with ChoiceScript. I didn’t get an email or anything, and my Dropbox account hasn’t been suspended. If you guys hadn’t told me, I never would have known it was blocked.

I’m hoping I can sort this out quickly, but if not, I’ll just have to move my demo to another storage site. Until I hear of some drastic change in CoG policy, I’m assuming this is a misunderstanding.

Update - I wrote Dropbox and contacted the CoG mods. CoG is much quicker on the draw - @Havenstone already got back to me and said they’ll look into it. Until it’s sorted out, I’m looking for an alternative site to host. @LordOfLA, I have a few ideas, but if those don’t pan out I’ll take you up on your offer. Thanks so much. :kissing_heart:

Newer update (as of late 2/15)
Dropbox got back to me. They said that they are beholden to uphold the DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act ™) whereby everyone is guilty until proven innocent. They said they could expedite the outcome of the investigation if I were willing to be a witness, but that I would face perjury charges if I did not provide full and complete information, with documentation, and with a legal statement including my full name, address, and assurance that I was truthful.

I provided these things and also explained to them why they were idiots for not recognizing a malicious takedown request when they saw one. A copyright infringement request against a copyright page (of an established company!) is ridiculous.

They have not yet contacted me to tell me I am guilty of perjury and copyright infringement, so I think I am okay.


Glad to hear this is most likely just some misunderstanding. When I first noticed the error I feared that you’d cancelled the game.

Well I can provide UK based server space in the mean time if you need it. I would be able to ignore a DMCA as that doesn’t apply in the UK, but if I were to get a UK court order I’d have to remove the requested contents however.


As someone who’s been here since like, forever I can tell you that CoG intentionally taking down user content is insanely out of character and this is almost certainly a misunderstanding.


I certainly hope so.

@jasonstevanhill just posted a thread saying that CoG did not initiate the takedown notices. So it remains to be seen whether they can help sort this out with Dropbox, but they’re not the ones who had a problem with my demo.


I should make fan art :3 I love drawing but I am not very good at it nor do I have the patience and "motivation to work on one project for a long time.
Oh well, I’ll draw how I think the caracters look etc. maybe, dunno.

Still love the story!

This means I can enjoy ignoring any DMCA requests I get :smiley: It is not cheap to get a UK court order enforcing content removal so it would not be so easy for a malicious take down attempt to be pulled off.

The takedown thread said the solution to Dropbox take down, go check it.

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Okay! New non-sabotaged index downloaded, link updated in the main post. I lost some coding time while panicking today, but the demo is up and working again. Note: I lost my demo version, so I had to create a new copy of the scene I’m working on. I am pretty sure that I got the redirects right to keep people from running into the new batch of half-finished code, but if you run into some new errors in the Home Life scene that’s why.

Thanks again to everyone who let me know there was a problem, and to @LordOfLA for offering server space and averting a panic attack. :stars:

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I think I ran into a bug while playing as a wendigo? I just go back from school and it was at the part where it asks you if you’d like to look in the mirror only there were no options to choose from so i restarted the game, the same thing happened again so i just thought i’d let you know. Absolutely love the game by the way, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


This one surely caught my interest! Looking forward to playing this game.

Chimeras??? i like those


Really i would have never gussed. :scream:


lol ikr i suprise people a lot