Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! [Rewrite in Progress]



I will encourage her to take advantage of her cuteness


Here’s a non-spoilery secret: Roselyna is very loosely based on my high school crush. :blush:

And hehe, it’s been a while since I last wrote bratty Roselyna. She’s changed a lot.


What exactly does loosley mean?


Only slightly. Not very much. She’s just an inspiration, they don’t have the same exact appearance and personality.


I see but she promises to be an interesting character


Heheh! I can’t wait! Also, a question: Can the Opportunistic stat play in positive ways in addition to the negative ways? (Like sneakily matchmaking or lying to benefit others?)

But oh okay! (But I will add you don’t need to be a sports person to get hit in the face with a ball :stuck_out_tongue: )


Would it be spoilery to reveal what stat the other ROs favor?


@Jeju Yup! The idea is that both sides of the personality stats have positives and negatives, which isn’t always apparent.

And I’d think that not being a sports person increases the chance of getting hit with something. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Isabella_Taylor Not really spoilery since you can find them in their character page, but just in case (the first stat is the primary stat):

Wayne: Silly, Stubborn
Lily: Independent, Assertive
Michael: Precocious, Obedient
Beatrice/Brandon: Naughty (Low Discipline)

The confirmed minor ROs:

Oliver/Olivia: Assertive, Reliant
Nayeli: Obedient, Sensible
Cham: Silly, Naive/Helpful

This isn’t final and is always subject to change.

I’ll probably update the minor ROs list after I finish the outline (not anytime soon).


I think the MC should try to help Roselyna to control her emotions, encourage her to be braver and more comfortable and reassure her that she’s beautiful this way.


I see! :0 Is there something for having a twin language as well?

And heheh… You’d be completely right! But you never know, even if you are good at sports…


You mean a negative side to it? I’m not sure. I was thinking of a small penalty to INT gain (since according to my little research it’s due to delayed speech development or something).

But yeah, it mostly gives you additional options which can help you in certain situations.


That’s cool. I can’t wait to see what those options are! :astonished:


Hewwo. :wave: Just an update before my long break from writing.

A few changes I’m making in the next update:

  • Having the Twin Language Trait will now decrease your starting relationship values slightly with your friends and other family members.
  • Your twin’s crush won’t be anyone from the group anymore, but your other classmates instead.
    • This is necessary to keep the branches down. There’s too many already! (This will potentially add conflict too.)
  • The group chat scene will now be moved after Paddy’s story with some more improvements.
  • The group’s character pages will now be inaccessible until you meet them.
  • The screen reader settings will be moved to just before the chat scene.

What to expect in the next big update:

  • More hugs! :hugs:
  • Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2.
  • Character Customization! (Some will give passives)
  • You will now be able to access the diary and your phone and inventory from the stats screen. :open_book: :iphone: :school_satchel:
  • Name Checks!
  • More improvements to the narrative, dialogue, and the prologue.
    • The prologue stories will be overhauled in the future, but not in this update.
  • More Character Traits, including “Dominant”, “Nyctophobia”, :flashlight: “Competitive/Supportive/Protective”, “Heavy Sleeper”, :zzz: and “Omnomnomnivore”. :pizza: :ice_cream:
    • The “Emotionally Sensitive” Trait will now have a “Reserved” counterpart. :neutral_face:
  • Select your character class and best friend from your friend group.
  • First encounter with the Beatrice/Brandon.
  • Two more quests, including your 1st clue to why your parents haven’t visited you even once. :mag:
  • More foreshadowing!
  • Did I say that there are more hugs? :blush:
  • Roselyna will be even more chubbier.

There’s also currently a bug if you open the twin’s character page in the stats screen. Don’t open that, it’s empty anyway. This will be fixed along with a couple typos when I’m not busy anymore.


Ahhhh!! When will this magical update come, do you think? (No pressure I’m just really hyped!)


It’ll be more than a month before I’ll be able to start writing again. I really need to focus on school stuff. I envy my characters a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s cool, I understand that, trust me.


Why is that? :thinking: Is it pure game mechanics balance or something? Curious, is all. :grin:


Wait,wouldn’t learning and remembering a second language so early make them more linguistics inclined?(aka smarter)Like how learning more languages helps you learn others easier


@Taylor_Enean @Natman1025 Yeahhh I admit I haven’t thought this out very well. :stuck_out_tongue: I found this in my research: and It’s not really concrete, and I agree that the penalty sounds stupid since language development isn’t necessarily linked to intelligence.

Alright, I’m changing the penalty now so there’s a slight decrease in your starting relationship values with everyone (implying that you spent more time with your twin than other people, so you’re not as close to them).

Thanks for bringing this up! :kissing: I certainly don’t want to give the wrong impressions.


Don’t be silly. :blush: I merely wondered, as I am by nature quite curious. Now, I do so detest gossip and rumours very much, what I meant is ‘how does this work’ and ‘why is it this way’ and not to mention (outer) space and all those magnificent things. :smiley:

Excellent idea there! Makes sense, in my opinion. :relaxed: