Missing Thread Notice: Through Broken Lenses

Hey, so…uhm…moderators?

I had this thread. It was about my Wip. Through Broken Lenses…

…I can’t find it.

I’m putting out a $0 bounty for any information about my missing child. Please respond soon. It’s mother (who is also me) is very worried.


It’s in the adult content section.

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Can I have a link please? I have never been to that part of the website.

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Is this it?

You have to join the group. For adults.


…I’m sure this will in no way reduce my viewership.

So, what exactly was it? Why is my child being tried as an adult? It’s not even 5 years old.
Did I use the f-word too many times?


The adult content group was put under more care due to recent events so I think they’re being more proactive about potential problem children. So murderous child soldiers. Maybe blood hunters too.


How do I see it? Where can I find my child?

Also, what part of…a child soldier story with a murder in the very first scene, child murder later on, numerous f-words, and implied pedophilia…

…You know, this is fair. Though I am mildly concerned now about how anyone is going to be able to read it now.


I think you have to be apart of the Adult readers to see your work: https://forum.choiceofgames.com/groups/adult_readers
(I just noticed that after I posted that link.)

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Join the adult group. Three bars by your profile picture. Groups drop down from it.

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There’s a pretty substantial number of readers in the group, and there’s even been activity on your thread since it was moved. I wouldn’t be too worried about no one being able to read it :slight_smile:


…So that’s why I haven’t been receiving notices.
I thought hype was just dying down due to my lack of posting.


I mean there is that too :blush:

Only about 1800 people on the site will be able to see your wip at current notice :blush:

The category has been there for a while but didn’t get much use and isn’t apparent at first glance so you kind of are locked out from a lot of people.

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Nope, definitely not.

So, what exactly was the thing.

This is asking just for my own morbid curiosity. I’m not even mad, I’m just curious.
What was it? What was the thing that marked this as adult only?


It could be the basic premise? The section has been getting more attention because of another wip getting moved there. Of course I’m no official voice. It could’ve just been some fan being worried and asking a mod.



You could see a recent announcement in the Meta Category on what had happen from CoG management, please refer to that. As to why you WIP was moved best to ask a mod or leader through PM since they are the ones who have permission to do so.

Thank you.