Messing with game files..."source files"[not advisable]

i been messing around with games files after i opened up the apk and i seen most of the files aren’t important…well the .txt ones anyway but the .json files seemed far more important. i made some changes in couple of varables in the childhood.json which actually worked while the changes in childhood.txt done nothing, so does anyone know why this is ? since the .txt files seem useless from what i gathered so do they have some hidden purpose or something ?(the game was “life of a wizard”) … see below:

does anyone know why there is 2 of each file in a .txt and .json format ?

The .txt files are just that. Text files. It shows the coding in the notepad format with all the tabs, spaces, gotos and other commands.

.json files are the ones that affect the actual variable changes in the app.

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