Memento Mori: an interactive survival horror adventure [WIP]

@HoraceTorys I thought the backslashes were meant to let the quotation mark show? That’s what the guide on the site says. Without them it shows up as a question mark. Fixed most of the errors. I’ll take it down and follow your advice with the next release which should be sometime this weekend.

@poison_mara I’m actually distributing my game to some friends who don’t work with ChoiceScript as well, so I assumed they’d need the rest of the files too, so I put everything in a zip folder and uploaded it. Anyway, thanks for the advice. About the code errors, yeah, this is my first time working with ChoiceScript and like I said I have next to no coding experience. Can you get back to me with what specifically you mean? And what do you mean by it’s ‘covered in quick text’?

Only if you are writing a variable in code do you need backslashes before quote marks (reread that section). If your quotation marks are showing up as question marks, it’s probably because they are “smart quotes” used in from Microsoft Word.

These are dumb quotes: " ", they are straight lines.
These are smart quotes: “ ”, they look like little tadpoles.

You should use a text editor like Notepad++, it won’t mess with quotation marks, and will probably solve your indentation problem, too.

Quicktest is a file inside choicescript that allows you to test your game errors automatically as Horace has said you got a lot of indentation problems then give errors if you want I fixed them or help you pointed out I would help you.

And about the game, I like it, but is confusing without a draw map you could add images to stats with one. Also game needs more custom using amnesia you could make girls and boys remember different things and different backgrounds like being a rich family orphan, an army soldier with crisis after the war. It haven’t to be long scenes, but add tons of flavor and replay value. If you need help pm me.

I went through the txt files and read it, not bad. But like Mara says don’t zip and upload anyone could take your work, however I believe people on this forum respect writers and most if not all wouldn’t do that.

The indent problems are mainly because I used to use Notepad and switched to Notepad++ halfway through. Also I’ve taken down the zip file and have followed your advice, I’ll edit/post again soon with the new link.
I don’t have access to a paid dropbox account unfortunately, but I have taken down the zip file so there’s that. Anyway, I’m looking for alternatives. Any suggestions?

no need for paid, you get 2gb free when you signup, also you can try to use one drive

Oh you are from new people that cant post public links if you cant find another way i could post your demo

@CJW gave us some instructions for free dropbox use without public links. I can’t find the thread now. I’m on my phone.

Yea can’t find the three it says can’t find link deleted or something or are you going to make it available on phones now? On my phone

@DSeg @gkkiller

I get a bunch of ‘EXPORT FAILED’ messages.

Error: Could not open web/mygame/…/save.js”

Error: Could not open web/mygame/mygame.js”

Error: Could not open web/mygame/…/alertify.css”

Error: Could not open web/mygame/…/style.css”

Error: Could not open web/mygame/scenes/startup.txt”

and then the file just reads

“Combining scene files…”
without changing.

Make sure you’re running the file in Firefox (chrome and IE won’t work).
Make sure the compile.html is in the folder above ‘web’.
It also probably won’t work if you’ve changed your folder names or directory structure, for e.g. changed the name of the ‘mygame’, ‘web’ or ‘scenes’ folders.

Everything is set up exactly how you said. Still doesn’t work.


Could you try the second compile link in that first post (experimental gui), AND/OR send me a link to a .zip of your game (including the compile directory) via PM?

Sent, and I tried the second link - no success.

Ok, so I’ll soon have Chapter 4 about 70% done. I’d like the game tested, both for writing and coding feedback. Should I do an open or closed beta test? Either way, I’d like someone to loan me their Dropbox public folder, at least for a while, for the test. Anyone willing to do so, please message me.

Alright, I’m going to do an open beta test for the first four chapters towards the end of the month. I’m about 85% done with Chapter 4 and I only have the climactic scene left to write and code. I have the idea for how it’s going to go in my head, so hopefully it shouldn’t take more than two weeks to finish it off (it’s a complex bit).

I’ve also fixed a few bugs with the game not compiling properly, and added achievement support. I’ve also included a save system that autosaves every chapter, and also at checkpoints in between the longer chapters.

I’d suggest an open beta. It seems like you’d be more likely to find the people who really like your game and want to help it do as well as possible if you allow as many people as possible to try it. I know I’ve participated in a few closed betas over the years that I really had a hard time with because the game itself didn’t inspire me much.

Yeah, I’ve decided on an open beta as well as mentioned in my last post.

Quick question: would you guys prefer I gave you an unfinished version of Chapter 4 (this version is what is done right now, only missing a combat scene which is quite complex and open-ended), or would you rather play the finished chapter in a few weeks?

Demo of Chapter 4 (unfinished version) here: