Medical Decision Discontinuity (spoiler)

At the beginning when your dad dies I chose “I wonder how he died and if I’m at risk”. What then happens is your mom tells you about your father fainting and visions and through research you discover exactly what the disease is and that you have it but never do anything about it. Which I can understand them not wanting to write more than one ACTUAL ending, but at the end after I make my medical decision this is what happens:

“So that must be what happened to your father,” Mom says on the phone that night, after you’ve explained Algernon’s disease. She looks wistful in the video feed.

“I thought that might be the case,” you say. “You said he had a stroke, but did he have any episodes before the last one?”

“Oh yes,” your mother says. “He fainted several times, but he wanted to hide it from you. He said he didn’t want to worry you, but I think he just didn’t like showing weakness. He begged me not to tell you.”

“I don’t understand your generation sometimes,” you say. “I could have done genetic testing long ago, if I’d known.”

This is clearly inane.

The scene is from Choice of Robot, isn’t it?

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have not seen choice of robot yet because i am waiting to get a google play card

Which game is it, then? It seems familiar, but I have played so many CoG and Hosted games that I can’t remember.

Yes it’s from Choice of Robots, which is why I posted it under that section… I don’t know how it ended up under Hints.