Question about an ending

Hi! I just played through my first run(better later than never, lol!), and I was wondering about something that was said at end of the book.

I chose to create a robot body when coming to a decision about how to deal with our medical condition. Later on, I chose to stay alive at my own human body to help the robot-self get used to everything. At the ending, it said that the strokes never happened again after doing all that. It could have been from taking things easy, as said in the text, but I also do not think being stress-free can be the only factor that helps eliviate the symptoms of a genetical condition.

So my question was, other than the reduced stress, what could have been the reason for not having strokes anymore?

your robot-self likely helped you avoid further strokes, maybe it could have taken over stressful tasks, reducing your stress. And looking at the setting of the game, the advanced technology in your robot-self might have been able to monitor and respond to health issues, preventing strokes.

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