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I’ve looked around the forums for a post that could answer my questions but I didn’t see anything; sorry if I missed something.
I’ve been playing Mecha Ace recently and struggling to succeed with willpower as the main stat. I’m doing this to succeed at the scene where you try to get your right hand back, but maining willpower seems to mess up some other manor stat checks since piloting is melee fighting and perception is long-range fighting, so with willpower as my best stay I can’t seem to beat Hawkins in the second fight or really win in some battles. Is there a way to beat Hawkins during the second fight with willpower as the main stat?

Sorry for the blurb. Thanks for any help!


Hmm its been a while since I played would half to do so again to make sure but if memory serves you ether can’t or can get a draw at best in that particular fight.

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Well you can’t exactly win, I suppose, but you can damage Hawkin’s mecha enough in the second fight to force him to retreat. Generally it just seems difficult to win a lot of the fights with willpower as the main stat.

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Yea, I don’t think its a combat based build, it’s more sustain than anything and wards off the penalties for losing the hand.

Thinking in a narrative perspective, maining willpower at the expense of all other stats is a bit like trying to fight a battle with all pluck and no skill. I could probably surprise a few people with unbelievable feats of will, but I wouldn’t expect to fare well in something as technical as a dogfight.


Yeah, that makes sense. Willpower isn’t really a stat for a main build. Obviously you can never win everything, so I suppose my character will just have to deal with losing his hand, but his battle record will be pretty impressive. Thanks for everyone’s help!

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