May 2022's Writer Support Thread

A little late for goal-setting, woops!

I’ve managed to polish up most of my prologue so it’s mostly done! I am also roughly 1k words into the first chapter. The chapter outline has been written, so all I need to do is to translate that plan into actual writing.

How hard can it be? /nervous chuckle


I finished today a teddy bear game I’ve been writing for my Master’s Thesis :smiley: (It is short, but it can’t be too long if you’re using it for tests)


No, no, see, what you do is finish the work for the month and THEN you set your goals for that month. It works wonders, I’ve never missed a goal since I started doing that. #lifehack


How many named characters do you want to be in your fantasy?

Me: As many I need

How many I need


Next question: what’s the longest name you can get away with for a named character?


The answer is quite anticlimatic:
So far the longest is a common “Christopher”, even with full name (Christopher Seeker) and titles, he wins the prize for the longest name.


At least you were smart enough to write them down, I tend to keep people’s names inside my head which admittedly often leads to side characters getting renamed off the cuff. :joy:

Interesting method. I think further testing might be required.

As for myself, I have an idea for an IF, I’ve been wanting to start, but I don’t own my own computer, so I’ve been sticking to planning and outlining for now, but I started working on some spare scenes the other day and am really happy with how they came out! I don’t know how much I’ll actually use, but I really like the way it shows the friendship between two characters, and I enjoyed writing it which is the important part.


Now that’s something I have to try!

That’s… a lot of characters! Meanwhile, I struggle with even coming up with names that fit.

A character in mine is named “Kimberly Ventura”. I like how it rolls off the tongue so I’m keeping it despite its length!


Am I the only one who likes long names here? :smiley: I think my longest ones are “Svanhildr Genovefa Seraphina Hirvilohi” and “Johan Ulrik Jörmungandr Bertelsköld”


I picked my project back up again and pushed it over 400,000 words, about 2 years after I had intended to get that far.

Well done. I’ve had hiatuses too. Good for you.

I’m happily working away. My project currently clocks in at 595,000 words, a lot of that is going to be snipped out but I’ve also got another 120,000 to write before I’m done. I’m hoping to write another 30.000 in the next two weeks. That’s a little bit on the ambitious side for me but I’ve upping the gas and have lots of outlining done so I’m pretty confident.

Good fortune to all of you. I don’t post in these threads often but I draw a lot of inspiration and you guys are often in my thoughts.


I got my first full draft of Noblesse Oblige done, which I’m incredibly pleased with! It’s about 100,000 words and it’s been a lot of fun working on a more concise, intense project that’s so different from my other recent work.

I’m now back working on Royal Affairs Chapter 9 and the post-Creme Patreon bonus story!


I hope everyone’s month is going well.

Tonight, I reached the +30,000 word mark working on my Patchworks project for the month. This means that I started the month working on a chapter that began with 24,000 words total, but as of tonight, that same chapter now would clock in at 58,000+ words.

Balance, and the need to keep it as I write, is the most challenging aspect of this rewrite. I’ve taken steps, like breaking the original chapter into 1/4ths to help keep the balance, but it still is a daily struggle.

Hopefully, everyone will have a good second half of May. :two_hearts:


After a semi-hiatus from any significant writing progress, May has proven more productive than the earlier months of this year. I had a prolonged slump where re-reading my writing was a bit tiresome as I flipped between love and excitement to frustration and, well, disgust. :face_exhaling: Thankfully, I didn’t undergo mass deletion as I had initially wanted and have instead focused on revising. It’s been a while since I’ve sincerely had fun while writing other than occasional moments, but I’ve really been reconnecting with my characters as of late. :relieved: I find that my old music playlists have really helped with both my focus and interest in keeping the progress going. It’s tough when these characters have been in my head since Middle School as more so vague and malleable things whose solidified versions in written form always seem to be just a bit too off or different compared to how I have so far familiarized myself with them. :grimacing: Embracing their changes from my daydreams to my drafts, however, is a process I’m coming around to really enjoying even as some veer from how they were planned to be since long ago. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope to be able to (and suspect that I can) meet my goal from what feels like a short eternity ago of having a demo release by early August, though I think my want for a full three chapters (Origins, One, and Two) will have to be tempered to a two-and-a-third or a two-and-a-half at most for such a release date simply based on the size of the project so far. I am rather verbose, more often for worse than better, especially when it means even more writing to proofread and revise . . . . :sweat_smile:

All in all, I’m so happy to be back in a mental place where I can really say that I am eager to write these characters and the MC after so long just wallowing in unproductive forms of self-criticism. :slightly_smiling_face:

I spent a good chunk of time using Canva to create banners for the profiles of the main cast, though it seems that the images are too large to upload to my private Dashington version of the game thus far. :sweat_smile: Still, considering I am very artistically inept, it was nice to engage in a visual-focused element to better convey the vibes of the characters I am trying to convey in written words. Of course, that led to my inexperience creating a lot of visual clutter, errors, and so on and so forth but I like them nonetheless. And since they probably won’t make it into the game due to their size, I thought I might as well share them somewhere rather than keeping them in the lonely void of my computer.

CARDINALS: Main Adversaries


Dearil (Minor “Romance”)

Curadora (Minor “Romance”)


Lempo (Minor “Romance”)

Retriever (Minor “Romance”)




Bones (Minor “Romance”)



Fyodor (Full Romance)

(Most) Main Characters: HAWKS

Akil Elmahdy (Full Romance)

Kamiko Takenaka (Full Romance)

Sigmund Heinrich (Full Romance)

Mutya Lumaban (Full Romance)

Elouan Roux (Full Romance)

Jactina “Jae” Freitas Carvalho (Full Romance)

Niccoló (Full Romance)

Imka Altena (Full Romance)

And all that’s missing are Yadon and Nasrin . . . I had realized that these banners were to large for Dashington just before beginning theirs, so I’ll leave that on the backburner of idle free time in the future.


I wish you all the best in achieving your goals, and I also just want to say that your character banners are EPIC! They’re so pretty!


Going to do a bunch more work on Ansible Station 24 before it’s formally put into a WIP thread. Right now it’s got the introductory case and a bit of life aboard the station. I think the first debut of the WIP should be 10 out of 30 cases, and each RO progressed to the first big twist in their individual stories. I want to get the “engine” of the game up and running, too, which for me means a cycle of randomly determining the case based on a set of procedures and then returning to the ground zero point on the station where several side plotlines can be pursued or prioritised, requiring certain triggers to have occurred in the story. It’s all pretty complex!

However, I’ve got plenty of personal peojects on the go as well. One is due May 30th, although the bastards never formally signed a contract with me so they’re getting nothing until they get their shit together!