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Manticore is a science-fiction space-opera game with an open world style. You will take control of a small space freighter with a tight knit crew and fly missions at your own pace. The basic premise is the contrast between intense combat/exploration missions and the down time walking around on your ship and getting to know your crew. Take the noble path and be a force for good in the galaxy, or be ruthless to achieve your ends, or be selfish and seek great wealth at the expense of others. Inspirations include Mass Effect, Star Wars KOTOR, and Firefly. This demo consists of about 90% of the prologue, currently totaling over 44,000 words.

Updates 1/24 - I have been working ahead and doing some worldbuilding. This won’t be visible yet, but it is a necessary step to building a complex and “lived-in” galaxy. It will help me continue forward in the narrative as well since I can step out onto a somewhat painted canvas instead of building the railroad in front of me as I go along. The first visibility of this is an image of the galaxy that can be accessed from Jalla’s star map in the stats menu.

Updates 1/28 - I have added more detail to the star map which can be purchased from Jalla in the marketplace. Yet more detail will be added to this later.

Updates 2/1 - I have been working ahead on scenes that will be released to the demo later. I am also adding friendship and attraction stats. I am seeking very fluid relationships, where most of your conversational choices have a tiny impact on the friendship. This has been added to the demo and will receive further updates.

Please feel free to give any feedback, positive or negative. I welcome your thoughts and advice! Thank you to anyone who takes the time to play my demo :slight_smile:

Discord link: Sailing and soldiering - Dan Rasmussen story group


Just inject it directly into my veins.


It’s off to an exciting start.

Maybe give us just a bit longer to get a feel for our normal life/ connect with our best friend, then launch us off into the unknown? Right now the prologue gives us all kinds of opportunities to learn some superficial details about aliens we have no reason to care about yet, but almost nothing about ourselves or our situation. Having to flee the station should feel like a shock to the system, but it doesn’t because we don’t have any time to get attached to the station.

The whole idea sounds really ambitious and pretty cool. Yes, I want to experience another version of ME/ Firefly! Wishing you luck and motivation for this project.


Great feedback, thanks! I think this is a flaw I have noticed myself but couldn’t quite articulate. I think at some point I will have to go back and clean up the early prologue and add some more set up, as you suggest. As for the aliens, I want to show people that this is a space opera sort of world before diving into the rather long, human-focused action sequences. Maybe if I just rounded it out with more personal set up that would help.


Maybe instead of telling us all about the aliens at this point, just let us see them and have an internal reaction as we go about our day. Let the reader think, “Cool, there are aliens living alongside humans too…I hope we meet more of them later”. Obviously, just a suggestion, it’s your story, and you have to tell it your way.


Saves would be nice i made a choice that ended my play through early


Thank you for the feedback. I’ve tried to put in a save and load system using some threads available on this forum, but I have found it very difficult and I keep running into issues that I don’t understand. (I’m just a writer and have no experience with programming.) I will keep this on my list of things to figure out eventually.

follow this, change the name to suit your game

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Thank you!!! Does it work in cside, or is it exclusively in dashingdon?

dashingdon to my knowledge, I just put a *comment before, when I’m playing the game and checking out stuff and then remove it, to upload the updated files to dashingdon and repeat

for mines:
Screenshot 2024-01-21 6.19.56 PM

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Thanks again for your assistance. I have added this save/load feature to the demo :slight_smile:


@moderators Can you please make my original post a wiki post so that I can post updates about my game? Thanks in advance!




I have a question for more experienced people than myself. I originally added this to the adult content category but I am not sure it needs to be. Right now it has some semi-graphic violence and a few F words. Eventually I hope to add romance options and sex, but I highly doubt I will make these into graphic scenes. I would like advice on A. Should this demo be listed as adult content? B. Am I losing much or restricting myself by leaving in cursing, sexuality, and/or violence?

not sure about A, but I’ll answer B

Some readers may prefer more realistic or mature content, while others may find it offensive or unnecessary. Some genres may require more violence or sexuality than others, while some may focus more on humor or romance. You should write the game that you want to write. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:


I just released a minor update which adds party friendship and attraction meters on the stat page. There are also other small fixes in this update. For those who haven’t checked back recently, there are a number of other, larger updates that have been released in the last two weeks. See original post for details.

Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile:


Big update released. You can now reach the end of the prologue and play a little bit of chapter one! I finally rewrote the huge section that I accidentally deleted before.


@moderators Can you please remove my game from the adult content category? I have read what specifically makes an adult game and Manticore does not fit in that category. There will eventually be some implicit sex added to the game, but there is currently no plan to add explicit sex. I added it to adult content originally out of an abundance of caution. Thank you!

Done and dusted!

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@Dan_Rasmussen found this:

manticore_1 line 196: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

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