Man Alive - the First Wave [WiP-Demo]

Hey, remember that game I was working on a while back? Titled Castaway, I stopped working on it a while back. I’ve Decided to pick up the sword again, I completely redid what I had. Play what I’ve got (not a lot) and tell me what you think.
This version of the game has WAY more characters, and as of now, ends a little after they are all introduced around the fire.



  • Prologue complete
  • Chapter 1, day 1 complete (mostly)

-bugs fixed


@122B: Alright, I’ll check it out. For now, you were fairly close to the end

Is there going to be a smoke monster?

@Johndn90: Of course there is… not going to be a smoke monster

Looks good so far! Some interesting characters here. Looking forward to see how they can interact with the pc in the future.

So are we simply trying to stay alive or find a way back home?


  • Actually there are more after it cuts off… sorry, it was kind of a sucky place for an error
  • It’s up to you… or rather the PC.

It happens. Sometimes the code does what it wants. (in my short experience anyways)
Hope it’s an easy fix! Can’t wait to meet more of the characters.

@122B: Actually, it might be fixed now… of course I shouldn’t say such things before testing

Don’t know if you tested it yourself yet or not, but I got line 175: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "Vetrenarian

Huh, didn’t transfer the edit… weird
@AshleyC: I’ll take a gaze at that, too

I enjoyed playing it but I got an error at the part where we introduce ourselves at the campfire

@Zeus: yeah, that’s the one I’m working with now.

Looks good so far. How long will the finished game be?

Bug when introducing myself, something along the lines of, No reply vegetarian, but I wasn’t one.
Was a male soldier, saved the other trapped person.

175: invalid reply vegetarian

Got this when introducing myself
Edit: nevermind, already mentioned

@Shawnheatherly: Not sure yet… I’m hoping at least 12 chapters (hopefully more), each containing 10 days.
@The_Jensen: Vegetarian? Sounds like a bad case of typo. I’m not sure what’s up with my game right now, but when I get it fixed, I’ll fix that.

I loved this project and you continued it :slight_smile:

Did I miss something?
Or did that woman just really want to sit next to me for some reason?
J12 to J11

@anon48296871: Couldn’t let it rot forever

@Dark_Stalker: I wrote that you are sitting in seat J12 (I think)… I would hope J11 is close by.

I got an error with Chapter 1-1 line 242. The game continued fine … but there were no choices on the next page (the one where the copilot, Marine, and old man introduce themselves).