Making a game

I was wondering would it cost me anything to make a game, and could I make it free.

It will cost you time to make the game. You can make it for free though, if you don’t count your time as worth anything. If you sell the game both Choice of Games and the app stores where it’s sold, will take a cut.

There are still free games available on the site, but ask yourself why you wish to make the game free.

Ok thank you @FairyGodfeather.

I don’t understand how to start making a game. What shoud I do?

Huh? :-/ the story or the coding part? :-/

This is a good place to start, the main thing to keep in mind though is that you no longer need to use mygame.js to declare variables, as mentioned here:

What’s the difference between making a CS game on a computer and making one on a moblie device like iPod

@Natsu_Dragneel Mainly that doing it on a mobile device requires workarounds in order for it to work, whereareas doing it on a computer is much more straight forward. @MaraJade could tell you more about writing a CS on a mobile device, since I believe that is what she is doing.

@Natsu_Dragneel Basically you need a bunch of apps to make it run and published in Dropbox now @CJW has created Choicescript IDE program that if you work online could help you greatly. But once you got apps running coding in mobiles is exactly same.

@MaraJade Could you explain to me how to set it up on my phone? I don’t have a computer.

@Storm i would send you a pm later

@MaraJade could you send me pm too

I still have no idea what to do.

What i do:

make a plotline (either in my head, or on paper)
write a rough copy on paper.
Write the edited version on my computer,
Code everything together,
let everyone see it,
then take their feedback and improve it.

if that is what you meant by not knowing what to do,
and if you need a plot just ask, i am sure many people are willing to help with that but offcourse start small

First I don’t have a computer, and second I don’t know how to get it all started.

we’ll i get the computer part but what do you mean by getting it all started?

So I downloaded the thing from the website now I don’t know what to do next

you do what i said above, start writing the story, then when you done code it all up

or do you mean how to unzip it?

@Storm first, what happened to Kepler? If you are still prepared to write a spaceship segment, I can set it all up for you to a point where you just need to type. I will handle the programming side of things, yet you will be able to see the changes I make and it will help you learn to code on your own.

However, to get started on your own, open the downloaded folder, open web/mygame/ and find the folder called scenes. Open that and open the file startup.txt

This file is where you start writing. From here, look at the code already written and try to understand it. Also check out the guides on the CoG site. When you are ready to test something, go back to the mygame folder and open the index.html file in Internet Explorer. If there are errors, you will be told where. If the code is good, you can play your demo.

Ok @andymwhy I still am doing Kepler I am just planning to do a book in the future.