Magician [WIP] Chapter 1 Release


Vale. A bastion of trade and wealth, The Sapphire of the South Coast, and your new home, Magician.

After inheriting your late mentor’s magic shop, you find yourself embroiled in a conspiracy that will take you to the deepest reaches of the capital and shake the highest pillars of authority. Discover the secrets your mentor left behind and pick up the loose threads he tried desperately to tie together.


  • Inherit your late mentors’ magic shop.
  • Customise your character’s name, gender and appearance.
  • Choose from three different magical specialisations.
  • Collect items and codex entries.
  • Explore the city and uncover its secrets.

Vela - The Wanderer Bard [NB]

A charismatic bard and your childhood friend, who performs on the streets of Vale. They are searching for something lost.

Finn - The Honourbound Mercenary [M]

A stalwart and loyal mercenary determined to pay his debts. Yet finds himself navigating a thin line between worlds.

Milan - The Virtuous Bureaucrat [F]

A well-to-do and austere city official. She finds herself in need of a magician’s services—off the books.

Gideon - The Vagabond Scholar [M]

A mysterious vagabond who has taken a liking to the new magic shop. He seems well connected.

This is the Prologue and Chapter One of Magician. It currently stands at 28,054 words.
This version is currently a Demo and will be subject to change in the future. If you run into any typos (which I’m sure there’s probably quite a few ^^;) or errors, feel free to let me know! Anything urgent I’ll fix as soon as I can, otherwise it will be added to my list of things to fix/change.

Magician Demo

My Tumblr: TortoiseWrites


Super fun and intriguing so far! I love the plot and the characters are definitely far from boring! I cannot wait for more.


I can’t wait to play more. I love the world, characters, & mystery

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this is very cute and nice. really enjoyed it all. it was a nice start to introduce the world and characters and i cant wait to actually see our shop and use our magic

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