MAD SUN [WIP] Prologue Updated!



Synopsis: After six months of Utsuki not visiting them as usual, Gitaz, Haiiro, Kan Disha, and Ayerfan were forced to venture into the outside world to search for him and uncover the reasons behind the mysterious sounds and smells they were experiencing.

Note: In the upcoming update, I’ll provide additional information about all the game features, including aspects that may appear too obscure to some players.! !

Final Note: Why did I publish this so early in development? Because I believe it will force me to complete it more quickly. If it’s just me…im so slow, so i think this will make me more consistent.


I’m unsure why I can’t edit the post, but I wanted to mention that it’s no longer a gender-locked wip. Also, I discovered that a whole section in the middle of the game was accidentally removed. I’m not sure how it was published without me noticing. I apologize to those who read it. :bowing_man: I’ve fixed it, and I believe everything is in order now. However, if you notice any errors or anything unusual, please let me know. Thanks! °=°


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Seems pretty interesting. Can’t say much though, it’s just a prologue.

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Shiro is referred to as male majority of the first page and then female toward the very end.


oh, thank you for telling me, sorry🙇i fixed it.


Ok… with this third post, you should be able to make edits now.

I would suggest putting some additional description in your WIP topic. Try expanding the description and maybe talking about future plans and updates.

You also have some pretty nice cover art, which could help if you put it up on the WIP page as well.


yes i will when i actually find some free time, and thank you so much for your help im actually glad there’s people helpful like you thank you sir :bowing_man:


The best WIP threads often have detailed background information. I hope to see that here.


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