Lucio to reflect the player character?

Is Lucio de Vega supposed to reflect the player character? He has the same hair and eye color as me, and going for the king.

I was just curious if that was a little interesting thing they put in there, to have a younger person that looks like you doing the same thing to you, that you did to the consort when you were that age.


I always thought so, yeah.

Send the brat packing! :smiley:

Did your Lucio have black hair and blue eyes?

Just curious to see if thats his character or if he directly is supposed to look like you.

Er… If I remember correctly, in my game Lucio had green eyes, but I can’t for the life of me confirm that he was actually blond. Yet this is how I remember him. Could be just the image I had in my head the entire time.
And my character is black-haired and green-eyed. :thinking:

I played the game several times with different builds and appearances already and I’ve noticed this too. I’m pretty sure Lucia/Lucio is supposed to look like you because they also serve as your parallel. And didn’t they also play a character inspired by you in one of the masques/play?

I think they played the same character during their season of court you played on your season of court when the monarch rescues you.

During the one directly tied to you, I could never tell if you were the evil death mage or the cucked prince. That always seemed weird to me.

You’re definitely the evil Death Mage. The Prince represents the King/Queen. It’s not too long after this that rumors about your infidelity, whether it exists or not, start swirling. It’s also interesting that this play occurs right before Tomas shows up to court. The hero of that play is a young Life Mage with a magic mirror that reveals peoples true forms. Tomas is able to manipulate and control people with mind-altering magic and can make them believe, or in other words see, what he wants them too.

The play Lucio is in is bsically what happened in your Season made into a play. You were the beautiful youth being pursued by an old man/woman (Torres) and being encouraged to accept that old man/woman by at least one guardian. And of course you were ‘rescued’ and swept off your feet by the King/Queen.