Lost Lambs (a murder mystery where you play as the killer!) (WIP - updated 7/31/21)


notes: Hello! First time IF writer just kind of stumbling through after lurking for so long. Some people said they were interested in this little idea (thanks mom!) so I’m very excited to share this wip of mine. It’s fairly short for now since it’s just the prologue. I’m a very amateur writer and by no means a professional at coding so please excuse any mistakes or coding errors for now (pls let me know though!)


You are an assassin of renown, a professional in the world of contract killing. Deadly, discreet, and experienced. Hired by a wealthy, mysterious client for your most peculiar job yet.

Off the New England coast is a grand manor, awaiting its first drop of blood. Attend the week-long banquet and kill all attending guests as instructed.

The reason should not matter but still, you wonder - why all these people at once? Why the drama and effort of a banquet? Where is the host? And why are the servants, empty eyes and puppet smiles, watching you? Hidden like a wolf among sheep, you begin to suspect you may not be the only one or thing that stalks these gilded halls.


  • Build your own assassin! Choose one of three motives, your relationship with your career, your general temperament, and your preferred method of assassination.
  • Craft a persona and blend in among guests. Remember to be consistent or risk being found out.
  • Four romance options, two of which are gender-flippable and one of which is your fellow assassin hired alongside you.
  • A mystery to unravel, if your assassin is so inclined. Or do your job, ask no questions, and get paid (probably.)
What You Can Expect
  • Murder. Lots of that.
  • Horror, psychological and body horror especially. Some gore but nothing too gratuitous (More flowery descriptions, less Saw)
  • No harm to animals! Just people.
  • Fancy meals and fancy rich people! Eat the rich at last. (No actual cannibalism included.)
  • Somewhat toxic relationships. Some more so than others.
  • Paranoia in equal proportion to the amount of murder.
  • Bumps in the night and sneaking around.
  • Historical inaccuracies. I’m sadly not a history major nor was I alive in the 1900s.
  • Lots of inspiration from Oblivion’s Dark Brotherhood questline, the gothic horror genre, Agatha Christie novels etc.
Main Cast

The cast you probably cannot trust…

  • Lei/Lea/Leo Song the Colleague (RO) : Your fellow assassin hired for the same job. More myth than man in the underground world of criminals, they are equally as dangerous and not to be trusted. They are blunt and sarcastic but an excellent actor. desc: asian descent, pale skin and black eyes, on the slight side of lean, fashion chameleon

  • Kiran the Journalist (RO) : A nosy journalist seemingly invited for the express purpose of making your job difficult. They are eager and expressive, but luckily not the brightest. You must deflect their questions lest their prying goes too far. desc: south asian descent, dark brown skin and brown eyes, tall with a bird’s nest for a hairstyle

  • Susanna the Diva (RO) :. A rising star on Broadway with a flair for drama. Vivacious and lovely, her flirty demeanor belies a keen eye and an inner strength to be wary of. She seems to be unshakable and has brought along her mild-mannered valet. desc: mixed descent, tan skin and curly auburn hair, has several fancy ensembles

  • Quinn the Help (RO) : The head of staff and your only link to the host. He is kind and charming with a quick pun and an even quicker mop at the ready. He is there to assist you on behalf of the host, but how much can you trust this hospitality? desc: white, light tan skin and blue eyes, classic american beauty

  • Mr. Dance the Host : The absent host and the client you’ve never met. He is a man of mystery and little is known about him, his wealth, or his motives. Only Quinn has come into contact with the man.

  • Dion : Your mentor who you have not seen in many years. They were severe with little regard for feelings, but they taught you everything you know. Even now, you remember their lessons all too well. desc: tall and tan, angular, intense eyes

Regarding Stats

Stats are in a very, very early phase so not everything is implemented or set in stone. Still a bit on the fence about the four temperaments as my interpretation of them is a little shaky but I thought they were cooler looking lol. This won’t be a heavy stat game to begin with and will have more emphasis on player freedom and creativity than numbers.


25/6: demo release - 7k words
31/7: chapter one release - 28k words

notes: Kind of nerve wracking putting this out there but I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, complaints, any feedback at all. This is a very rough first draft so I’m always looking to improve it as I go on. if anyone has any advice for coding or pacing aka my biggest enemy, I would be eternally grateful! Thank you for reading! :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:

Demo (prologue and chapter one): LOST LAMBS PROLOGUE


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Oh so glad to see this demo I’ve been excited for it to come out since the interest check thread post


Murder? I’m in!

I read the title and felt hooked in already. I’ve given the demo a first playover, and I have to say, I really like your writing style! I’ll be eagerly following this WIP.


As I told before- love the synopsis, and the prologue is interesting enough to hook me. Good luck!


This seem interesting I’m going to bookmark this for later


Horror and murder isn’t my thing, but your concept reminds me of Diary of A Murderer by Kim Young-ha. Maybe you’d be interested in picking up that book to get some inspiration.

All the best in writing!


Once again, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:.


Sounds interesting) Thought I will read it when there is more to the demo, as for now it is too short


Murder? Horror? A fancy banquet? Finally, I get to live my dreams of being a femme fatale!

I’ve been really excited ever since I saw this on tumblr, and I was not disappointed. The writing and prose is wonderful, and the prologue is enough to pull me in! I’ll bookmark this thread since I’m really interested in seeing where this demo is going!


Count me in, I do love to play the villain.


This sounds fun. I’m in :>


Loving it so far, brother. Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see how it continues and how the RO’s are introduced.


I love this idea!


Playing as an assassin is kinda cool, i enjoyed playing the demo :grin:

can’t wait to meet the RO’s :smirk: :yellow_heart:


This is interesting and refreshing! Great writing too! Looking forward for more :heart:


I played the prologue and it seems interesting. Count me in.


Thank you for clarifying no animals are harmed or killed!!! I was reading the description and when I read that I said “oh thank god,” and then realized that I was not half as concerned about humans being harmed or killed :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: might say something weird about me lol


Praise Sithis, brother! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I respect that :rofl:
Also very interesting premise! Looking forward to the next update.