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i hope so otherwise no point in marrying the daughter

I mean if you are a wulframite traitor dont you think you kind of deserve that. Jokes aside it is really hard because unless you are a soldiering god, grenadiers are literally the best infantry in the uk. Unless you want to cheat, better negotiate or use a soldiering mc.

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Any full walkthrough’s out there? I’m looking in particular for a Royalist one.

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I’d say Tiago’s guides on Steam get as extensive as it goes.


Not sure how to deal with the crowd in the capital without angering my old CO Lord Cunaris

You can’t, Cunaris is basically always pissed no matter what you do.


Depends on the context of being pissed; fail in dealing the crowd, he’ll get angry at us for failing to handle the situation, allow the crowd to do what they want, he’ll be mad we did that instead of handling the situation. Even the “best” choice of us dispersing the crowd ends up with him exasperating over the fact we are furthering the divide between Royalists and Wulframites (though not blaming us too much).


Is there a complete Monarchist/Wulframite guide on the Aetorian Path?
in the same style as those that exist for Lords and Sabers?

Not sure what you’d consider as complete; the page i’ve linked has guides for both Wulframite and Royalist (open or saboteur) paths: “Aetoria Guide” followed by “Unified Path Guide” and then respective Battle/Ending guides. Have you looked at those?

Any way to progress courtship with Welles or is that on the backburner? Took every available opportunity to speak/meet with her. Doubt we’ll have much time for her or any other courtship during open civil war no?

There’s couple of actions which advance romance with Eleanora to stage 4 (MC can declare it while bidding her farewell, as long as it’s at stage 3, or earlier with lesser requirements when lending her a hand in her ARC work) That’s the extent of it, though – the Countess is now aware of MC’s feelings and is mulling over them, but while potentially willing, suspects the society norms are too great to overcome.

Whether MC potentially getting granted royal blessing and/or earldom by either faction changes something here, remains to be seen.

Is it possible to get “you are the club” with the reform club? It seems i can only get you are leading member even when i pick all options to increase club inf. Do i just need higher stats?

Hard to say without knowing the stats, but a number of options requires charisma+intellect of 120+ or even 125+ for the best outcome. Also, there’s easy to miss 20% increase associated with negotiating surrender in the final battle. People with sufficient charisma likely go with Gato’s assistance at that point, instead.

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So it seems I just need higher stats. I didnt know about the surrender part although i would rather have gado than get 20 inf.

I imagine availability of Gado is tied more to whether Grenadier Square is saved, rather than his active participation in the fight.

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In the royalist epilogue I get the “the royalist cause is a beast roused to fury and you cant help but be impressed by their numbers” is this the best one for the royalists?

Yes, “a beast roused to fury” is for the highest royalist_forces_str threshold the game recognizes (100+) It’s the same on Wulframite side, though with different description obv.


Is it possible to get 65+ rel with palliser?

Yes, but it’s not a good idea as the only way to get it to 65+ is to help in the attack of the Takaran Embassy(63+10%:66). If it’s not done the best one can reach is 63 (50 +10%:55,+10%:59,+10%:63)

First 2 +10%s are the ones you mentioned in chapter 1, the third one is by supporting his proposal in ARC at chapter 4a.

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