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Yes, “a beast roused to fury” is for the highest royalist_forces_str threshold the game recognizes (100+) It’s the same on Wulframite side, though with different description obv.

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Is it possible to get 65+ rel with palliser?

Yes, but it’s not a good idea as the only way to get it to 65+ is to help in the attack of the Takaran Embassy(63+10%:66). If it’s not done the best one can reach is 63 (50 +10%:55,+10%:59,+10%:63)

First 2 +10%s are the ones you mentioned in chapter 1, the third one is by supporting his proposal in ARC at chapter 4a.

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I helped him in the Takaran embassy attack but he didnt appear on the friends list. I talked to him at his party, approved of his plan to establish a club, and helped him at the embassy attack. Do I need to join the overseas club ?

Added a Guns walkthrough to the guides

Did a Sabres and a Guns Walkthroughs for non Aetorians MCs, when i’m free i will do a Lords continuation of it, that will probably be the last one. Both added to the guides post.


Created a Royalist Walkthrough for Lords based in the save following the guide above, the link is in the same post as the other guides.
Made it basically so that by the time of Wars i don’t forget how to get what i consider the best endgame, but it should at least serve for reference for others :sweat_smile:.


Cata needs to add you as an easter egg saint lol


Is the Wulframite endgame guide ever going to be finished beyond Chap. 11?


I shall see if i can finish it tomorrow.




Good work man, I believe this is one of your last, if not the last (?) segment of your guides to be completed. Probably took a bit of effort to finish it since you’re basically done with everything else, but hey, A lot of people will finally be able to min-max the hell out of their Wulframite runs


So i was reading the guide on the aetoria path and when going into the army reform commission it says if you participated in the secret mission in guns it gives a arc_wreck of +10. I was wondering if someone could tell me what that means?

If the MC is part of the Secret Mission, 2K occurs with greater losses, as you are not there to assist Cunaris’ brigade, leading to more forces being diverted to make up the shortcoming. As a result, Pallsier’s charge takes longer than usual, resulting in said losses, losses which includes officers who would be part of the ARC were they alive, had the MC particpated in 2K.

As such, Castermaine’s faction has the initial upper hand as they have more supporters than Infantry and Cavalry school in the first vote, even if you vote for either club.