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Let’s be honest, the real question is whether they’ll be a romance option. That’s the primary reason people choose to suck up to elves and other unmentionables.

I didn’t even think about him being a romance option. The whole ‘tanking my homeland’s economy and then refusing to take an active part in the civil war you accelerated’ thing seems like a bit of a barrier for any of the characters I run lol.


I’m having a crisis, Garret is…omfg.

Leannejouwe is not only married but he’s like 55 years old.

Don’t think he’s interested in the MC.

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For the final battle should mc wear armor or nah?

Are you gonna be charging into the think of it? If yes, then wear it.

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If you have low sol and planning to do reckless thing then yes


If you want to rack up influence then the second one, personally I pick first that is because I really think The royalist should do it, plus My MC is idealistic in war and Cynic in Peace type of Person.

Plus if you enemies to Lebefvre, pick the first option and then after that promise him to not let the grenadier Army being decimated, so Lebefvre rel not enemy anymore.

for the third option, leannjouwe rel is not really that important, at least in lords, I usually just sh** talk the Kian for Roleplay immersion since My MC is Nationalists.

if you an estate path Neutral then it be best to not be soo aggressive to the rioters, and I advice to pick side faster because being Neutral will make the battle harder, and your reputation suffer.


Is choosing Lady Alisanne d’al Touravon over Lady Katarina d’al Cazarosta wise?

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I ask this question because I wonder if getting married sooner but to a lady of less social status is better than getting married later (in the epilogue).

One is heavily reliant on which faction you choose to support while the other is literally your betrothed in an arranged marriage since childhood.

It’s really a choice of preference. Go with which character you like more in my opinion. However, if you’re playing for wealth and influence then go for Lady Katarina. If you want someone who’s “unremarkable” but a loving and doting wife go with the betrothed.


Bethroned No doubt about it.
Hee Father will Help defend your Barony if you married her, if not married then Hopefully He will not Sack your Barony if you a Wulframite Royalist or Aetorian Wulframite.

It’s safer, and there’s no guarantee marriage with Lady Katarina will actually happen. In that sense yes, you could say it is wiser. Even your lady mother questions wisdom of getting involved with Katarina, while she has no such doubts about marriage with your neighbor.

People who’ve married the betrothed, is there any interesting content for younger MC? Mine went to war at 14, which probably means she only knew him as a cheerful young teen, not a more reserved and quiet man with a very characteristic stare. I’ve hoped to marry him off to someone for interesting content and, maybe, certain clash of experiences - if MC is 14, betrothed is probably about the same age as he is in Lords.

Will Baron Touravon go through lengths to aid in the protection of my fief if my estate’s manager is Loch?

Hey at least , He can save your Family If situation is Dire if you have a good relationship, Or maybe the least he can do is not sacking your Barony with other nobles.

@Tiago saw your Steam estate to Aetoria saboteur, how on earth did you manage to have enough money in the first half of the game to get the best apple orchard AND cottages 2 all without raising rent? I tried doing the same but had to settle for second best apples, no cottages 2 and raising rents, just to survive long enough for Wulfbucks to save the day. I did get a cider press though.

:thinking:It’s been some time since i did that playthrough but i think it was because had a lot of money from Guns, 4k from capturing the princess plus 2,5k that i would normally have invested in Garing.


Anyone have any tips in wulframite Aetoria battle, my men keep getting trashed by Cazarosta during the siege battle preparation