Lords of Aswick: The search for BETA testers is already over!

I think I have enough testers for now!

I need a few fine folks to run through “Lords of Aswick - The First of his Blood” a few dozen times and report back with any and all bugs, inconsistencies and typos you may find. This would be the very same interactive novel you may have seen on the forums under the thread title “Knightly Tale”.

This is in preparation to sending this thing to the guys running CoG and Hosted Games and getting it approved with them for what might be a plausible release. Trying to be as vague as possible with that, since I want to polish this prior to sending it in.

If you are willing to get your index finger and wrist sore over the course of a few weeks of intense testing, post below! I am giving people a week - until Christmas Eve, as it happens - to sign up before giving out the link. If I manage to get ten people in before that deadline, I will give out the link earlier. Testing will continue at least up until the first couple of weeks of January. Longer if there’s a lot of stuff to be fixed.

I do not expect people to spend all their holidays testing this, just FYI. But any testing is still better than no testing.


I volunteer. But I can only start next week.

You know what. Sure. I’'ll give it a shot

Am no master at writhing but ill try.

Sure I volunteer, it’s a great novel.

Sure why not? I’m up for it.

I’m up for it so sign me up.

I’m up for it. This is one of my favorite CoG WIP’s. :slight_smile:

Also in other news after 3 months I’ve learned how to post in this new system… Hallelujah.

I would definitely like to get in on this

I’m down for the get down.

I volunteer as tribute ! :smiley:

I’m going all Catching Fire on your butt. I volunteer as replacement tribute!

We’re going all out huh,how about we solve this in the good old way:by combat?

I would like to volunteer to be a beta tester

I would love to beta test.

i would love to test

i would love to beta test

OMG I love to beta test this. (also glad to see your still here :smile: )

I would love to test, if given a few pointers (It would be my first time)