Lords of Aswick help

how to win war of succession while siding with Stephen as the king?
I literally cannot win the war of succession with Stephen. Please someone help me :sob:.

The only thing you need to do is making alliances, that is the only variable that needs to be set true.



Sorry if I’m posting in a dead thread, but how do you win the war of succession on Queen Augustine’s side? I always win on King Stephen’s side, but on Queen Augustine’s side I always get exiled. I always respond accordingly with the flanking forces, so what’s wrong? Do I need more allies or what? I remember in the guide that you need allies long before the war starts, and I don’t think I’ve been doing a good job of that.

Did you give the list of traitors to Augustine? That is what allows you to become her Queenmaker.

Did you also prepare for war in other ways? Also what do your Valor and Nobility stats look like?

Yep, I gave her the list of traitors. I think my valour and nobility was around 60+, I doubled the training in my fief, gathered allies, and hired mercenaries.

If you support Queen Augustine outright from the start then you can win the battle by sending your men into the forest to scout and then on the next choice selecting the first option about luring the enemy into/out of the forest. I can’t remember which way round it is.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Oh hells, thank you very much! I’ve been looking for a long time haha, I didn’t realize it was that simple because I kept enganging them too early. Once again, thank you!

Where I can find lady Marguerite? And is there a way for successfully seduce lady Elizabeth?

If by “seduce” you mean “have a one night stand with”, then yes, there is. Raise Courtesy to 60 by the time you encounter her as an adult and an Earl (follow Urban’s guide in the main Lords of Aswick thread), and try flirting. You cannot make her the new Lady of Aswick.

You encounter Marguerite at the feast after the capture of the King of Valmagne. She’s the maiden with ribbons in her hair, who seems fun.

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How i win succession war if i sided with the bastard son? And how i meet mary ayerstone for the second time?

I don’t know if you can meet Mary a second time (you can wed her sister, and apparently there’s special dialogue if you do). As for siding with Stephen, it helps to have allies.

You have no idea how hard I tried to get him to do that…


It’s actually possible to do it. You need to support John in the succession war (so her brother lives) and save the majority of Druilochs from death at the hand of the Ballagain, and tell her your intentions of doing so. She’ll then be warm and tender (well, as warm and tender as she can be) to you.

It’s been a while since someone post on this thread. But I’ll ask anyway. Do anyone have a complete guide for the crusader path? I would like to get the best ending and is it possible to win the crusades?

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@bossjayar I believe here’s part of your answer. Also, since you’ll be fighting in a crusade, be mindful of your Valor stat. Good luck.


I wonder why this book don’t have a sequel. I am sure this is one of the greatest interactive novels I have ever read. Such a waste of potential:(

It was supposed to be part of a larger universe with each game being standalone referencing a different part of history but the author, from what I found and can remember of what I found, just stopped writing it.

Honestly, I’m pretty happy with that because in the demo Aswick was made really bad again and there was literally no continuation from the first game from what was there at the time.

I see… What a shame really. This book gives the same vibes with infinity series.


It really is a shame, Aswick was one of my first hog/cog and is still one of my favorites. I still hold out unrealistic hope the author might come back one day and continue work on the second game, but every year that passes the more unlikely that gets sadly.