Looping back to a choice


How do I loop back to the same choice screen and have the option I already picked not appear again?


Can I suggest learning to use the search function of the forum first before you post a topic.

Have a look, see if you can find any existing topics.

Search the wiki, and Reaperoa’s guide too.

Then ask for help.


Sorry :confused: I can be a little trigger happy on posting


It’s okay to be enthusiastic. It’s just you’ve started a couple of topics, in a pretty short space of time, all of which can be found by a quick search.

And you can always start a Imon Needs Help thread and just post a bunch of your questions in there. At least then it’d stop the lots of threads. But I do suggest searching first.


Is there any way to delete a topic?


For you, no. For me, yes. :stuck_out_tongue: But really, you don’t need to delete anything, (unless you really want to.) If so just ask and I’ll delete it.

If you do get stuck, and can’t find the answer to your questions, do feel free to ask. It’s just search for the answer yourself, or at least see if there’s an existing thread first.


right, thanks :slight_smile: ill be more careful