Looking for hosted games upcoming releases

Is there a list of upcoming hosted games apart of the general thread (here’s the link: Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2023 - #3)?
Because I couldn’t find one and the latest games were released without much announcement, so I wondered if there was an unofficial list, just to know what to look forward to! And just to be sure I didn’t completely and accidentally missed discussions prior to their release!

I know there are a few of Steam pages of the ‘bigger’ ones like Breach 2, but they’re just labeled as coming soon or to be announced, so I was looking for some titles that have at least an estimated date.

Thank you for any response, have a great day!

No - it is just the upcoming games thread, or the 2023 and 2024 Steam pages. There is usually an upcoming games thread created towards the end of each year so I expect that to go up sometime in December.


I see, I’ll look forward to that then, thank you!

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