Looking for character profiles

Hi there, currently working on a wip choiceofgame. It’s titled ‘The Four Schools of Moiria’

Quick summary of the plot:
Four schools: Noble, Commons, Beast and Mage. Pretty self explanatory.
The School of Noble’s tend to be the first class of society, knights are also trained here, eventually some become the king and queen.
The School of Common’s everyone and anyone really, blacksmiths, tailors, farmers etc, etc
The School of Beast’s, beast tamers, or most of the time called rangers in other games. Each has a perticular animal they get along with.
The School of Mage’s is easy magic.

The idea behind Moiria is everyone has a little magic. At 15 during an equinox or solstice everyone goes through a ritual telling them which school they are going to. After a year at that school, learning the basics, they will go through another ritual which will create their ‘Talisman’.
A person’s ‘Talisman’ is their magic channelled into a physical object.
A couple of examples:
A seamstress/dress makers talisman maybe her needle. After training the seamstress maybe able to use the needle to make clothes that fit perfectly no matter who wore them, a bag that never seems to become full or clothes that never wear out. The needle maybe able to change to make it easy no matter what material they are using.
A witch may have a couldren that never ruins a potion or wand to focus her magic.
A fairy would gain their wings.
A beast tamer would gain a ‘familiar’ or ‘spirit animal’.
ALSO a persons ‘talisman’ can have nothing to do with their parents… so a witch might have a son who’s a knight or the king/queen could have a daughter who’s a seamstress. The talismans represent what the person’s talented at not the family they are from.
Of course a commoner with high class parents are still going to be favoured over a knight with commoner parents (as humans work).
I have four towns so far.

The quiet and peaceful village Myths Wood hidden in the forest.

The calming town Dawn’s Dew surrounded by open fields.

The bustling port Mage’s Shore where the work never stops.

The crazy mining settlement Snake’s Fang in the mountains shadow.

This is a map I made on RPG maker.

I could really do with some character profile’s if anyone is willing. Either reply here or email me thefirstvampirelilith@gmail.com


If you’re looking to create several characters for an ensemble cast, maybe try playing around with this character sheet? It’s by justsomecynic, and you can view it as an image instead of in google drive [here] (http://justsomecynic.tumblr.com/post/140602354784/from-the-makers-of-the-no-effort-character), if you like. It’s simple but a great place to start, straightforward, and fun.


What type of characters you are looking for

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Anything. teachers, towns people, class mates.

The character sheet is amazing. I might need to find a printer and print a few off.
:laughing: thanks

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I am just stating types of personalities no names gender or orientation.
I think that would be okay. right?


#1 A sadist who deals with physical stuff ( swordfighting, beast controlling , Battle Magic , Butcher ) and hates MC always doing some harm or foiling his plans
Pessimistic nature
VERY Strict
thinks Logical
Intellegent or expert in the comcerned feild
5’6 with a good nasty scar from ear to jaw
Wears formal clothing ( whatever that is according to his role )
Could even hurt MC if that incorporates in your story
Talisman - A bracelet that grants him strength

#2 A Mystery person who is Autistic and nobody has ever seen him talk
Uses ( telepathy , hand gestures , magic stick (not wand ) which can make letters in air )
No nonsense personality - Dosent say more that what has to be said
Shrouded and always hide the face with a mask
Knows every secret of all of the schools
Also has some secrets of headmasters of the schools which is the reason why he is still in the school
Charges information for information

Is this type of characters you want or am i providing a very less amount of character description


This is fine. I can work with this. One thing though something I always struggle with… Names. As you can probably tell mine aren’t exactly great so any names you can think of would be amazing. Thanks loads.

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Preferred gender for them ?

Behindthename.com is a site I use for my names pretty often. It sorts by spelling, origin, meaning, etc and it also has a surname site thought that database isn’t nearly as developed. Good luck!


I think that this might help you. I found this web-site while I as trying to come up with attack names (was not dissapointed) for my crossover series. It has large among of generators that might help you - from characters to organizations, skills, abilities, auras, technology, etc. I hope that I helped you.


And don’t forget this ran-gen as well!


It even contains country-based name generator, for you who need reference on a certain culture.
Oh, not forgot to mention the map creator as well! Although it can be quite clunky if you’re not used to it.

Edit: Did not create the one-liner link. I don’t get it :confused:


there are some good name generators, though I tend to look on a website called ‘behind the name’ which will tell you the hidden meanings behind all sorts of names in any country. Also, I have some ideas but I shall allow you to say yay or nay if you want to listen to them.

Do you still need help? I’d love to.


My favorite set of character generators - if you need ideas or inspiration it has every trait or detail you can think of. :wink:


I will take any help I can get XD

Let me know what you need