Looking for a passionate fantasy writer

Hello everyone,

my name is Felipe and I work on Ouroboros GameFi, a small blockchain startup, and we are looking for a passionate fantasy writer to help us with some experiments of new ideas of interactive writing in the blockchain.

The project idea blends elements of stat based choice games with art, where your choices influences the character graphics, following a main story arc. The goal is not “winning”, but make your choice matters, since it will change the way that your character will look at the end.

The setting is a medieval fantasy world, and the idea is to the minimum story path to be 30 choices deep, with 3 starting points, and about 5 endings. I estimate that to be around 50,000 words, and if everything goes well we hope to expand to more stories in the future.

I already have a idea of the setting, but I am not a writer, and I feel that this community if full of talented people that can help us with this idea.

Payment will be in USDT (or any other crypto of your choice), and we are looking first at a freelancer position, and maybe expand to a core position.

Looking forward to discuss more about the project. Feel free to DM me here in the Forum.

----- Additional info 1 -----
Regarding Quartz question, the idea is the other way around; we feel that interactive stories can significantly enrich the experience of NFTs, introducing stat-based choice games to a different community that might never interact with this type of medium before.

----- Additional info 2 -----
Regarding environmental concerns, there are different types of blockchain, with other technologies that require far less energy expenditure. Avalanche, the blockchain that we are based on, is Net Zero CO2 (carbon neutral)

How does the blockchain enrich the experience? Interactive stories with the features you describe are already doable with current tools.


Blockchain has been a hot button previously so I’m closing the topic for now - feel free to message the OP directly if you have queries