Lone Wolf (Interest Check)

alright, so… heeey.

i’m finally planning a project after being here for a while, but before i get too far ahead in the writing i wanted to do an interest check.

In Lone Wolf you play as a Lycan, a person with wolf-like traits (ears, tail) who has the ability to turn into a wolf. However, your kind has been branded monsters by the rest of society, and have been hunted down. Your mother was presumably the last Lycan alive, but once she was slain, you were discovered by the warrior that killed her. But instead of killing you, the warrior adopted you as if you were her own child.

i’m a hopeless romantic so of course there will be (optional) romance
oh and it’s a fantasy setting too, medieval and all that good shit

don’t know what else to write lmao so uhh feel free to ask questions i guess, let me know if this story seems like your kinda thing, if you have any suggestions or if the story seems to similar to something else

have a good day and thank you for reading this!

POLL: help me decide the race of the 3rd RO because i’m a big dumb baby


With this little description i feel the idea can be very promising! And let me be the first to question the romance part! Im assuming that while we will be able to romance humans, what monsters are you thinking of incorporating into the story(and perhaps letting us romance?)

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Well if we’re out there romancing then what does society think we are?

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the only non-human creatures that i’ve thought of so far (this is pretty early development) are the lycans, though the main character (you!) is the only lycan in the story. unless i can think of other races — which i am open to suggestions for — the romance options will just be humans.

the main character will hide their lycan traits using charms (basically a mixture of herbs with magical properties), though there’s always the chance that their secret will be revealed :wink:


Count me in!!! I AM READY!!!


i love it…

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also what is the age of the mc

@komorebi Ok, so this definitely sounds interesting and I am looking forward to it. However will it be explained in the story why the hunter spared the main character? And will it be explained what happened to their biological father? I assume he’s already dead, but just in case he isn’t will the story at least tell us? Also, since we are adopted by the hunter, does that mean she will train us to be hunters too? If she does, that would be a great way to “introduce” other monsters into the story. Roughly how old is the Main Character when they are adopted? And do they remember their mother? If so, how do they feel about the hunter adopting them? Sorry for asking all these questions :sweat_smile:


also can we have in debt character customization. Like being a white wolf like amaterasu.

no need to apologize for asking questions! :blush: gonna answer the questions asked in bullet points

  • the hunter spares the mc because her morals wouldn’t allow her to kill someone so young

  • the father is indeed dead, also slain by the hunter

  • the hunter/adopted mother might not train the mc to actively hunt down monsters (though i like the idea! would you mind if implement it?), but will at the very least train them to defend themselves

  • the mc is a newborn when they’re discovered by the hunter, a month old at the most

  • they have no memories about their birth mother, nor does the hunter know anything about her

  • the mc knows that the hunter/adopted mother killed their biological mother, and the player will have the option to have the mc resent her for killing their mother or love her regardless of what she did

  • the mc ages as the story progresses and will probably stop aging (when the story really kicks off) when they are around 16, the age when one becomes an adult in this setting

  • yup, i plan on adding (or trying to, might take a bit since i’m incredibly new to choicescript) character customization. so you can potentially look like amaterasu, but without the cool red markings :sweat_smile:


Or divine instrument.

nope, no divine instrument unfortunately. and you won’t be able to wield a sword like sif, the great grey wolf. you’ll just have to rely on your fangs and claws when you’re in your wolf form!

Is it a coincidence that I commissioned an artist to draw my wolf oc with tail and ears? And this wip comes along… :joy::joy::joy:


Very veryyyy good… My God :sweat_smile:

I’m now getting minor spice and wolf vibes.

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Super interested! Some werewolf/shifter elements with some romance. Hell Yeah!


Will MC have a father? If yes will they resent him, love him or won’t know what he is?

Last of (insert race here) main character with romance options (possible romantic drama? i mean you’re seen as a monster by humans and you’ll be dating a human sooo? just a thought.)
Added werewolfy-ness?


Why were werewolves hunted so much? Are they really dangerous?
Also will you have control over your powers or you could suddenly transform and go rampage at full moon?

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Do you have a list of ROs? :innocent: (Preferably the cute male ones… :blush:)

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