Live a Life, Save a Soul (Work In Progress)

I’ve been a writer for over a decade at this point and my life and there’s two things I love in this world – writing and gaming. As such, the logical conclusion was to try my hand at making a game around writing and, of course, here I am.

My game is, as the title says above, called Life a Life, Save a Soul. It was originally something I’d started out in RPG Maker and, thanks to a terrible glitch that caused me to lose months of progress, instead brought me here.

You start out as a soul destined for either greatness or monotony. That choice will fully be up to you. You can choose to be either male or female and go through life in a medieval setting. You’ll choose looks, favorite colors, who you interact with, how you fight, how you conquer various problems, and a whole lot more. There’s a morality system and even a personality system based around the popular Big 5 traits which will lock you out from (or reveal) choices in the future that your character, based on the personality and choices you’ve chosen. You’re not making a story so much as you are making a real character that has the same limitations as the rest of us.

To make things even more in depth and INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TO CREATE – I made, by scratch, a working battle simulator. This includes the ability to use skills in battle, track health and damage dealt, have actual status effects which work, use items you’ve collected, have a small degree of randomness to it and enemy attacks/skills, and more. I’m not kidding, this thing was a real pain in the butt to make work but I did it and am incredibly proud of it.

If you’re interested in checking out the entire first Act, probably around an hour or so of content (more if you play around with it), you can find the link here –

I will also say that it is currently on hiatus as I am at a crossroad as whether I should make it more mainstream (more story, less game) or keep it the way it is. Thank you for your help.


The idea brings to mind Undertale. Was that a inspiration by any chance?


I like that you gave the option to irritate NPC’s by repeatedly talking to them or performing the same action. Feels a lot like a relic of the fact that this was initially an RPGMaker project, and it’s a very charming remnant.


Oh thank gosh for the save system! It would have been terribly frustrating to not have one especially in stats heavy games or ones with a girthy battle system.


Currently, I’m much more attached to the npcs than my character, and I would not be compelled to continue simply due to that.

Character and story is the main attraction to choicescript for me. As any other gameplay systems can be found in other mediums. Perhaps even better executed.
You see, flicking between pages and text ad nauseum to kill one enemy can be quite cumbersome.
That and the laundry list options you’ve made available to us at once can be seen as overwhelming at times and maybe even dry.

I believe this is also a remnant of its rpgmaker influence. I can see how it would have been nary a problem aided by the graphics and sprites of that engine instead of pure text.

Anyways I digress. What I would definitely stay for is your writing. It’s very clean, and really does paint a picture without too much fanfare. It’s refreshing.
I look forward to your written works in the future.


I really enjoyed this wip, it felt like a real rpg, every time I had the choice to go somewhere or do something, I was always imagining in pixel art style. It was really fun!

Can’t wait to play more, best of luck!


It’s a really ambitious project but if it continues to offer this much freedom to the game I’m sure it’ll a huge success


Annoying the npc’s gave me a good laugh!! This is a really good demo! I’ll be looking out for more of this!


Can’t Equip the pickaxe


Found a bug when trying to equip the old pickaxe

I love this! Tbh I really like where this is going, I’m sorry for what happened with RPG maker but this is very well done!

I love this! I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

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