List of female genderlocked games

I noticed a lot of people seem to be wanting more games featuring female protags to balance out the roughly 18 years of predominately male protags in video games. So I decided to make a list of those that I know of, to help those individuals find what they’re looking for.

If anyone knows of some that aren’t listed here, please add them for me.

  1. Guenevere (WiP) by @jeantown
    Magical Queen of England simulator! It’s good! Very famous on the forums, which is why I listed it first!

  2. Daemoniacus Altor (WiP) by myself
    Demon slaying simulator! You get to kill demons and die a lot! As a lady!

  3. The Beast in the Castle (WiP) by @iris
    Fallen-royalty-turned-hostage simulator! Ever wanted to be Belle? Well now you can!

Did I make any mistakes? Be sure to shout at me, and I’ll be sure to edit the original posting (until I run out of times I can edit at least).


I wouldn’t count any of the last three as female genderlocked. None of them are female gebderlocked, they are character locked. If all characters were female I might agree, but they aren’t. If I had taken things on your word alone I might have bought one only to be surprised to be locked as a male character for a good portion of the game.

I see your point, but I put it in the description that you played as multiple characters so on the off chance that someone decided to buy it purely on the word of a guy on the Internet who wears a scary suit in a dark background, they would at least have a vague idea of the reasons it was on this list.

Plus, who buys a game without playing the demo first?

Anyone on iTunes.

Regardless, it’s misinformation, and bumping up numbers of female genderlocked released games from 0 to 3, despite none of them being genderlocked.

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Alright. Fine. I’ll take it down.

My apologies children of the future. That conversation probably looked really confusing for you guys.