Limits on # of Images?

Hey, everyone!

I’m reaching out today to see if anyone can shine a light on a limit for using images. I’d seen a thread back from June of '17, but the author was using full-scale images rather than small ‘font’ images.

I plan on using text ‘font’ images such as the one below for my project Estheria: A Realm Divided. As there’s much lore and such to cover, it’s meant to serve as highlights to the top of pages, and as bits and bobs of little UI I can sprinkle in. On average, these files range from 15kb to 45kb, but not any more than that.

Image Example


Does anyone have an idea if Hosted Games would hold an issue publishing the title if there were many of these? I can further work to compress their size if needbe once the time comes, but they’re already quite small to begin with.


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As far as I know, you can shove as many images as you want. The only downside is that the game would “increase” in size and some people with scarce internet speed and such would see it as bad, but with the sizes you mention I don’t think it would matter much.


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