Limited Community Preview CoG Contest Entry - Isolation: Deep Dive

As a thank you to the CoG/HG forum community, I will be opening a preview of my upcoming contest entry Isolation: Deep Dive beginning on November 20th and it will ongoing until November 24th.

This will showcase about 66% of the game, including the stat-mechanical structure and the latest re-write of material up to a predetermined point.

My primary goal is to get first impressions from a general populace before moving to more focused and frequent testing. My secondary goal is to gather possible candidates for the scheduled December Beta test.

Ideally, I’d like to pick some of my future beta testers from those who participate in this limited preview.

Those with a history of participation in the forum community and who enjoy sharing their impressions of Works in Progress are preferred candidates for this limited showing.

I also ask that you be at least 18 years of age as of November 20th; some content may not be rated for everyone and until this is finalized I would like to stick to the age requirements of the next lowest rating which is 18 years of age.

If you have a few hours of free time this November 20th-24th and if you wish to participate in this preview, please post a comment below.

The amount of content being previewed will exceed the minimum required by the contest (100,000 words and 20,000 words per play-through) although the preview will not be a complete game.

I will leave this thread open until the end of the event on the 24th and will be sending out PM invites starting on the 20th.

As always, I want to thank in advance those who decide to participate. With community participation I hope to make a better game then I would be able to produce alone.

As the Team Leader of US Navy Demolitions Team 3, you will be leading your dive team on a mission of extreme danger involving The Yukon a wreck off the coast of San Diego California.

Possible Enemies and Hazards Include:
1 - Sharks :shark::shark:
2 - IED’s and other underwater explosives :bomb: :bomb:
3 - Foreign Spies :female_detective::male_detective:
4 - Vampires?! :vampire::vampire:

Will you be able to navigate the social dynamics of a diving team both in the field and off-duty? Can you survive everything thrown at you? Will your professional relationships with your dive team members turn into something more?

Join the preview to find the answers to these questions and more!

**I want to thank everyone that has responded so far. **

I will be sending out PM invites starting on the 20th and everyone who has responded should be receiving one. I am resisting responding in the thread itself in order to keep the focus on the preview.

I also appreciate everyone who showed their support by liking my thread. Thank you for that!

The Preview has officially ended - It was a great event supported by wonderful participants.

I’ll be running a December Beta, so if you’d like to participate in that, keep your eyes out for the sign up thread! :signal_strength:


I’d love to help if you want!!! :smile:

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Oh man does this sound interesting! I’d like to help you out with the preview and/or beta.

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Sign me up please! I have been looking forward to this.


I’d love to help, Evil Twin, but I’m very busy these days. Grrrrr… (though I’ll have 3 weeks of holidays in December…)

So that’s what you were up to all this time! :wink:

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Best of luck, Snow’s Evil Twin!
What a surprise of a secret project!

Edit: I would have offered to help, but I’m… not the best at these kinds of things. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know that I am by no means an avid poster, but I do have some experience in beta testing these games and thus I would very much love to assist you in this preview/beta testing!

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Awww…but sharks are adorable. Hmmm…foreign spies (cough, “United we Stand”, cough) can be cute too and of course many vamps are super-cute.
Hmmm…I think three of your four hazards have the potential to be cute or adorable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for the other one: ban water mines and land mines yesterday!!! Absolutely awful weapons that take more victims out of war then they do during it. :angry:

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Can’t wait hope I get to beta test it

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I love the ocean and have an interest in diving (I wish I could be a deepsea diver, seriously!) so this game sounds like something i would enjoy. Did i mention sharks are one of my favorite animals? But I’m not above punching one in the name of safety! Just after i let myself get bitten for a sweet scar tho :smirk:


I didn’t know you have a contest entry going, that’s so cool :smiley: I’m always happy to see more stories set deep in the ocean. Especially with sharks and… vampires? Sounds interesting. I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have to take on another beta test at the moment. If I do, will volunteer. (I don’t want to volunteer then pull out). Anyway, even if I don’t get there right at the moment, very interested to see what you come up with in the end for the contest :slight_smile:

(Did you see the windhammer entry a couple of years ago called frogmen? It was a bit odd in places, (from memory it got a bit psychedelic) but when I read it, I was thinking that kind of setting with deep sea wreck diving could make for great if stories. I’m sure you’ve got your mechanics worked out by now, but I thought the dropping oxygen levels the longer you stayed was an interesting way of managing time and actions for this sort of thing)


I’d love to help beta test!

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I’d like to try as well, seeing as I now am free of exams.

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I’d be happy to help too

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Invitations to the Preview shall be sent shortly :100:

A milestone reached - let’s rejoice!


I’d be highly interested in reading this, if you’re still looking for testers?

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Sign me up please with a preview

I love to preview it as well, if possible.

The Preview has officially ended for my contest entry. I wanted to thank everyone that was kind enough to submit feedback along with their playing of the game. I’ve learned a couple of interesting things and am making changes based on what people said.

I’ll be running a beta sometime in December - If you like to participate in that, keep your eyes out for a sign up thread.