Life of a Space Force Captain Beta Test (CLOSED)

I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve just updated to version 1.20 so that we’re all on the same version again.

That’s a great question, although I’m not done yet. I still have screenshots and descriptions, which take time, and I’m still finishing the Beta Test.

I’ll keep writing in the Lucidverse. I can also put more time between events and write with nearly any genre, which is fun.

I got your email and the link is sent. Thanks, @Nexus_Knight Yes, new testers can read the first post in this thread and send me an email.

This is the game I’d like to return to and finish. It’s over 3/4 finished already, which is why I’d like to complete it. It was working, before I set it aside: Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (Releasing Early 2024)