Life is Strange


I feel like a lot of people misdirect the hatred Chloe gets as her being a bad character. She isn’t, her actions are bad, the characters reactions to her actions are terrible. She is not in anyway justified in the emotional and financial turmoil she send the people who love her in.

But aside from all that, I think the biggest gripe people have with her character is this: why would I want to play a game where this type of character is paraded around as the norm? Hey are you and emotionally disturbed person going through constant trauma? Never, ever seek help or talk your issues out, and never admit to your own faults/manipulations!"

I mean if you put any of that on the box I doubt most people would be into it. I guess I walked into a game thinking about how cool my superpowers were (that frankly made no sense later on) that I missed the section about maintaining a self deprecating, self destructive moron on my watch list while I actually try to help a much more empathetic character not commit suicide.

Also can we stop this weird lie that most teens are these little monsters waiting with middle fingers up to their parents for telling them to clean their room. The hole stereotype of a rebellious teen comes from so many definitions and outside influences that the stereotype is practiclly a non word.

Yeah and I’m a purple unicorn that can’t read or write.
Don’t believe me? Does every action I take poke holes in that statement? Yeah, that’s how I feel about that passive aggressive way the writers tried to make her popular with the “angsty teens” today.
Not with actual help but with misplaced relatability for a group of people in desperate for answers to the pain they feel on the daily.


I guess that’s all matter of perspective

Her actions are indeed questionable at best but she was never praised for doing what she was doing, every adult from game is showing their disapproval

To be honest that kind of thinking is common among people in general, trying to fix everything themselves or bottling things up etc.
And Chloe is just one character, she isn’t a norm. We’ve got many mentally stable characters (Joice, Victoria, Max, Alyssa, Brooke, Warren), we’ve got Kate who tried to talk about her issue’s but it wasn’t enough help for her at the moment but after getting professional help she did get better, and we do have two other characters like Chloe, David and Nathan, both have mental issues and both of them are not dealing with this issue’s greatly. As you can see this kind of people are minority.

I’m not sure what sensible and simple enough explanation for us to undarstand and for Max to come up with within few days could explain ability to rewind time

If you are refering to scene in which Chloe doesn’t want us to take a call from Kate then Chloe isn’t a psychic she doesn’t know that Max get a call from someone who needs help, and she apologies later in game when she finds out who called and what for.

Most teens have to deal with overbearing parents at most (which Chloe also does with David), not with their parent death.

I don’t think that DONTNOD tried to make her popular, she just turned out to be popular among fanbase and not even because of “being angsty teen” but because of falling into tragic character category, and people love to cheer for tragic characters
And let’s not forget that Square Enix launched two charity campaigns one for bullying prevention and one for mental health.


Yet her peers don’t, yet she never takes their complaints into consideration, she never goes beyond the “whatever!” Phase.

I agree, but again only one of these characters is a main character with actual influence on Max and the world at large.

Not the time Tavel, the mechanics of it. One example, when you save Chloe the game makes it clear you keep item in your inventory despite’s moving through time and that items return to you when you go back.Yet when you break into the principles office later by creating a bomb, you open the door, step inside and rewind time, yet there is no bomb or components to be found.

Which means it’s not only a half baked excuse for drama that Max dint explain, it’s also terrible when you consider the scenarios that Kate actually does die, but hey if that apology was good enough for you when you consider the emotion Max must be having, that’s on you.

Okay…let me say this again…trauma explains damaging behavior, it does not excuse it. A lot of us get along with our lives in a lot of damn pain with dead parents without resorting to extreamly behavior against people trying to help. I don’t have an issue with Chloe being this kind of character, it’s the fact she never acknowledges the faults in herself that lead me to believe the writers intended to make her relatable instead of an image on what to do when in her situation, which again in my opinion is just sick.

Are you serious? She’s a main character! She appears in nearly every episode, hell if Max wasn’t around she’d be the most prominent character. DONTNOD was pushing the Max/Chloe relationship from episode to think otherwise is insane.

Yeah and the Redskins donated over 3.7 million to Native American tribes. Doesn’t make what they did any less offensive.


While i see your point I still don’t agree with your opinion about Chloe, and since I think we are not going to change each other’s minds, let’s agree to disagree :wink:


I just finished BTS ep. 3 like half an hour ago, and I literally haven’t stopped crying yet.

Spoilers ahead for BtS and LIS.

I don’t know why this got me so hard. I mean I was a fuck up in high school, but I’d be lying if I said I really saw myself in Chloe. I think it’s just a really good story. I know it has it’s problems, but anything that makes me feel this much has got to be doing something right.

I got what I thought was a pretty happy ending. I told Rachel the truth. We ended up together. I mean we were both probably still pretty fucked up, but we seemed so happy. But… There’s this cloud hanging over the whole thing. I know what happens after. I know we, Chloe and Rachel, never get to run away together. I know that the one person Chloe let back in is going to be taken away from her too. I know that Rachel cheats on Chloe with Frank. I know well all the stuff that happens in LIS, but I just wanted it to work out so desperately I would have taken anything. Fuck the continuity. I would have taken the flimsiest parallel universe, butterfly effect nonsense excuse to see me, (Chloe) and Rachel ride off together toward the horizon…

…then they give us that last shot. Rachel’s phone in The Dark Room. Ringing. The 17th desperate call.

Halfway through this post I finally stopped crying but I’m back at it again.

It made me change the way I feel about the first game. I used to feel like Max and Chloe were soulmates, and despite all the destruction the ending where they drive off together was the truest, but now… I see Chloe just…broken by Rachel’s death. Dying before she ever got Max back in her life it seems sad, but also right.

Anyway. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!


Honestly aside from all the obviously overblown juvenile jokes, I finally found a video that gets a lot of my feeling on Chloe.
Foul language ahoy!


Anybody else excited for LiS 2 releasing tomorrow??? :star_struck:


I didn’t play… but a friend recommend Life is Strange to me, so i went to youtube and watch the gameplay movie , i agree it is a very emotional and mesmerising story line

However, i notice there are 3 choice of ending now , perhaps they add a third choice later on? We can now save both Chloe and the town, it involve something like going back in time and gave evidense of Nathan’s crime … so the third is the happy ending of all

Based on the video i watch, i think Chloe is a nice soul mate, but what about Warren?.. hadn’t watch his part of story yet, but heard lots of bad comment about him… then a friend in real life think Warren is actually a good, although weird person :slight_smile:


Pricefield is the Best.
Marshfield is ok
Marshpricefield is venturing into territories of nacho taco pizza burgers
Chasefield is uggh
Destroy Amberprice
And Grahamfield will never be a thing.

Additionally in the sequel Lyla is like Chloe if she had therapy and antidepressants.and I love her


Anyone played the first episode of Life is Strange 2 yet? Thoughts?

Did you call Lyla back?


I enjoyed it; the things I liked in the original were back - sitting around, exploring, character development and the improved graphics engine and AI awareness were welcome additions. I think the story is as strong as the original but we’ll have to wait to have full confidence in that conclusion.

Some reviewers found the “politics” involved in the story to be a bit too much but to me it was more a case of over dramatization used to transition the story from episode one to episode two.

To answer your question: yes.


Anyone else finished episode 2 yet? Thoughts? Regrets? Choices made you’re happy with?


Is Chris still the main character of Life Is Strange 2?(Yes, I played the Adventures of Captain Spirit prequel)


No, the two boys Chris sees at the end of Adventures of Captain Spirit are the main characters.


Is it good?


People seem to be split on it. I hadn’t played the first Life Is Strange before starting this one so maybe that helped. But I think it’s fantastic. I thought the second episode really showed some cool ways that your choices from both episodes impact events, and the plot is gripping. The first episode dealt with some pretty hefty topics (racism specifically) and sometimes I thought got a bit heavy handed with it, but that wasn’t the case in the second episode. I found episode 2 a bit stressful but in a good way. I was very invested in these characters and that’s why I was stressed by it and worried about my choices.

Whether or not you really care about the two main characters seems to play a large part in how much you enjoy the game.


Wait…everyone here thinks you can only use the word “hella” ironically? :rofl: