LGBTQ and Feminism Issues

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From Questia:


I’m surprised did not bring a Mary Shelley or her famous novel Frankenstein it’s both a Gothic horror and a feminist novel.

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Good catch!
Here you go:

How is frankenstien a feminist novel ?

And I haven’t read it or going to read it online as I like books more when I read it through paper

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Surprised that the Westborough incident happened so close to home.

Excellent question!
How about this?

(And I say this half-heartedly):

The monster is made from parts that originally came from multiple sources, not the same source.
So perhaps the monster is a precursor to inclusivity? :smiley:

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Inclusivity has the brain of a serial killer?


Sure if it’s an imperfect version of inclusivity!
Just like General Greivous can be seen as a prototype of Darth Vader.

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And that’s just some right there there’s quite a bit of discussion about the feminism Frankenstein.


Inclusivity #( is not equal to ) feminism

You aren’t in the dark anymore dark_stalker ( pun intended )


That’s why I said it half-heartedly. :wink:


It’s utterly creative without a woman or any type of maternal influence in turn it utterly divorce from any type of feminist perspective love any of that but yet it deeply crave it. To the point it destroys anything it want to get close to. And Damned by its “father” in all senses of the word to ever know love the woman.

Both the antagonist and protagonist and simultaneously antagonizing each other sadly have little to no female influence in their life. And you can see Shelly pushing at how much of a terrible existence that is.


Theoretically you can read every piece of fiction through a feminist lense…it’s a tool to analyse things after all.
But if and how a piece of fiction is feminist also depends on the question: What kind of feminism? Considering there are quite a few theories about a topic that don’t always agree with each other…

Pretty sure that you can find various analysis about Frankenstein though…


Dungeon : what was it that he wanted to say

Master : You aren’t big enough to know child but one day you will understand .

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I honestly found out from a series of tweets notably with the picture of them kissing their gun along with a clip of her talking about needing two guns, a google search later “oh I was driving past that yesterday”

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There will be issues with any conflicting ideas or ideals. One’s own views will always have a polar opposite and it is natural that you will clash.

I’m a firm believer and letting people do their own thing. You can do whatever you want, believe whatever you want, and be whatever you want. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my life negatively and you don’t impose your beliefs on me then we will be fine.

But as I said. Many don’t think like that. They believe their way is the right way. If you don’t follow it you are wrong, and they think they can change that through whatever means they choose.

But me? Idc. You could identify as a toaster for all It matters to me.


So I’m a little concerned about how my WIP will be received because of the characters featured in it. So far, (while some may be added in the future, I’m not sure yet though the main cast is pretty set in stone already) none of the main human characters are white (yes, I know this thread doesn’t have anything to do with race) and a lot of the main characters are lgbt

All three ROs pansexual (I personally really don’t like the term ‘playersexual’) I’m not sure if it’ll actually be explicitly stated in game yet since right now I’m not sure how that would go since I haven’t written up any more than just notes for two of them yet

One of them is also agender and there are also a bunch of other npcs who are also queer. So far there are two, maybe three (I don’t see the third as nonbinary since it’s the embodiment of a city and doesn’t identify with any gender label but others would likely read it as nonbinary) nonbinary npcs. And I am going to add more since, as of now, only one of them is human and I’d like to at least even it out. I’d also like to have at least one binary trans npc but at this point, new npcs are probably gonna be pretty minor so I don’t know if I’d be able to really go into it

And also one of the ROs has two moms who I’m planning will have at least a bit of interaction with the MC

I’m worried about how this would be received. Either it’s too niche, too “unrealistic”, or “trying too hard to push an agenda”. I’m a queer person of color who lives in a liberal part of California, which is already one of the more libreal parts of the US, so this is kind of just a reflection of the people around me? The entire state certainly isn’t only people of color and/or lgbt but those are the people who I’m most often in close contact with. After all, one of the most common pieces of advice I’ve heard is to write what you know. I’m a fairly new writer and I haven’t had the guts to post the things I write instead of deleting them until really recently so I do want constructive criticism. To be told that my point of view is too unrealistic to believe (while also probably hearing nothing about the realism of the talking cat character) or that I must be pushing some sort of agenda when I’m honestly not (or at least not consciously) is another story. I know it’s going to come anyway regardless of what I do, just emotionally preparing for it is daunting


I would love to read a story like that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you did have some complaints, much as I hate to say it—but I also don’t know that any of us who write and share our art publicly can avoid complaints, regardless of what we write…so maybe it’s just a choice of choosing what sort of complaints we do want our writing to cause, and what complaints we don’t.

Also might be worth having a blurb on an ‘author’ page at some point, or something like this, that explains what you’ve just shared with us: ‘this reflects my experience’. Then people can say it’s unrealistic all they want, but if they’re not listening to your actual experience, they’re essentially saying ‘la la la I can’t hear you’.

I do think these forums are going to be a great place to hear constructive criticism on a story with a large number of LGBTQ+ and PoC cast members. I’m really looking forward to when you’re ready to share it.


This story sounds sooo good! I would love to help with play-testing/ coding issues once you’re to that stage :wink:

In my opinion, people are a lot more accepting of game characters being more varied racially and gender-wise than IRL, and even then, people are usually pretty accepting… My point is, I don’t think you should worry too much about being ‘realistic’ (whatever that is) as much as just being believable and telling the story that you want. :smile:
Besides, charisma can help you get away with sooo much plot- and character-wise.