High School Loner: A loner getting dragged out into situations they never wanted

You a loner are dragged into situations unwanted because of a particular classmate, and because of this situations you get to meet potential friends or romance partner.

So this is gonna be a romance game but ehhh… seeing as how there’s no romance yet, ill add no romance tag, and beware this is still a prologue.

SO… i decided there will be 5 romance character 2 female 2 male and 1 customizable gender, oh and forgot to mention you can romance them whatever your gender is, seems easier to code than any other ideas, if you think this is less or too much just reply.

And also can you guys suggest character names, i am too bad at making names.

Progress stopped for now, in a week or two i need somethings done and i have a lot of ideas, so for now bye.

Demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/strangeman/high-school-loner/mygame/


@StrangeMan so when setting gender and eye colour if you looking the stats it doesnt change.

Eye colour stays blank and i set my MC gender to female but stays male.

Well, I hope I don’t sound flippant, but this forum is a very good place to find out about how to write LGBTQ+ characters and relationships. And, for the most part, they’re going to be pretty much the same as straight and cisgender characters. In fact, letting the player romance whoever they want to is actually easier to code than coding the game to ensure that only straight relationships are allowed. :sweat_smile: They/them pronouns for nonbinary characters is a little harder due to using plural verbs, but you won’t generally be referring to the MC using the third person, so it’s still not that big an issue. :slight_smile:

If you want to find out more, you can read or ask questions in some of the following threads (among others), or start your own to ask:

To be clear, I’m not saying you have to include LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, but isn’t hard to write or code, and you’ll get a lot more readers if you do. Good luck with your game! :smile:


I’ll fix that


I’ll get some hog and cog games that has LGBTQ+ romance, and try to learn from it.


Game has potential will be keeping a eye out on it. :smiley:

There’s not much to paint much of an opinion but this does seem like the story has a potential, it can be done great.

finally i get to play as myself

also tbh if you can write non lgbt romance you can write lgbt romance. just change some pronouns and you’re good to go, it’s that easy. i’m not into that stuff myself but i enjoy the extra content.

Alr i guess i should just write custom pronouns and you can choose what gender the first RO is but the other ROs you can’t

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If the first RO is the one who keeps dragging the MC into these situations (and is thus the one most important to the plot) then this does make sense. As for the other ROs, it doesn’t really matter as long as there are enough of each gender. :slight_smile:

As others have said, your demo is a little too short to say too much about, but the concept is certainly interesting. (I have noticed that you are writing “i” instead of “I”, but that’s just a minor typo.)

Good luck with the game!


God I always forget about that

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I always forgot to write “I” in uppercase, but now I can’t stop and I write “I” even in my language.

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I think it became a wiki post.

I love it so far hipe continues :heart_eyes:

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