Let's take an existing fictional character and place them in the world of a CG!

(I’m sorry, that is probably the most boring thread title ever.)

I thought this could be fun!

Let’s take a fictional character from a non IF work and put them in the world of a choice game where you can see them - or make them - fit in! I was originally planning on making this a “existing fictional characters you’d love to see as RO in a choice game” thread, but I don’t want to exclude aroace people or those who aren’t interested in ROs for other reasons, but feel free to mention whether you’d want to make them romanceable or not.

In order to prevent this from turning into a thread where everyone just simply lists fictional characters they like or find hot, please take a minute to describe who they are (because not everyone is familiar with everything, no matter how popular it is) and what role they would play!

Here’s my first pick:

This is Masao Kakihara, one of my favorite characters of all time. He’s originally from the manga series “Koroshiya Ichi” by Hideo Yamamoto, but most probably know him from Takashi Miike’s movie adaption “Ichi the Killer” where he’s played by Tadanobu Asano.
Kakihara is a Yakuza enforcer who takes over the Anjo gang when said boss Anjo disappears. But first and foremost he’s a sadomasochist (mostly masochist) who’s only looking so desperately for his missing boss, because he was the only one who could inflict the amount of pain on him he needed to… well, be happy. When the ultrasadistic, mysterious killer Ichi shows up and starts killing off the entire Anjo gang, Kakihara gets very excited to meet him.

Aaaand I’d place him in… the Fallen Hero series!

Here’s how it could work: Seeing how he’s a yakuza originally, it would make sense for him to work for Hollow Ground. The kind of underling who’s a bit hard to keep in check sometimes, because they get easily carried away when they “have fun”.
But I can also totally imagine him working for no one but his own pleasure. He’d still be a masochist, always looking for the next thrill, but most importantly he’d be a boost who’d be both blessed and cursed. Blessed, because he was gifted the ability to heal ultrafast to the point of near-invincibility. Cursed, because while this meant he’d never have to hold back again while trying to find the next most hurtful thing, it also meant whatever pain was inflicted on him never lasted longer than a second. (Yes, the details would have to be finetuned)

He’s the kind of guy who randomly shows up and starts shit with you, just to get you to fight (and hurt) him. And being also sadistic, he’s not above using others to get you to fulfil his wish. You could even put a “romantic” spin on it: You once beat him severely up when you didn’t know better (=how he swings), and now he can’t get you out of his head. So, a bit like his relationship with Anjo and Ichi in the movie.

RO? Yes, of course.

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To be fair, he could 100% be in there.


It was a close call between him and him:



Yup! :slight_smile:

Same there :). Tetsuo, right?

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My two personal picks: Max from Life Is Strange in the Psy High series and Madame Vastra from Doctor Who in the Weyhaven series.

Max is of course the central protagonist of the original Life Is Strange game, a college aged girl with a polite but nervous nature who returned to Arcadia Bay years after leaving her best friend Chloe Price to deal with bitch Vortex Clubbers, distraught Catholics, savage storms and serial killers… plus you know, having time control powers. Something which with some slight de-aging to high school age would probably make her not stand out as much in Kingsport. Maybe it and Arcadia are twinned towns or something.

So, Max is a new student who naturally gets befriended by Alison. Carla almost certainly reminds her of her friend Chloe back home as the local rebel. Whilst Taylor has shades of Victoria Chase to Max she’s definitely nowhere near as unpleasant and Max does her best to keep her powers a secret from her. And Haley is delighted to have such an accomplished photographer available to help her and her brother on the newspaper. Max is definitely willing to help the MC deal with the Whirlpool and the magical goings on. Nothing she hasn’t seen before and she’s delighted to be around so many like minded powered people. And RO? Definitely.

Madame Vastra has been London’s most distinguished consulting detective since the 1870’s. Sherlock Holmes? She was his inspiration. Jack the Ripper? Quite tasty. Oh and yes she is a lizard woman from the Dawn of Time, thanks for noticing. She is a Silurian, a race that once dominated the planet Earth in the eons after the dinosaurs, even preserving many of them after the great extinction… but all empires fall, and a terrible catastrophe led to the Great Hiibernation. An entire city of Homo Reptilians lay undisturbed until the construction of the London Underground in the 19th century. Vastra could have sought revenge for the deaths of her kind after many were killed but a mysterious time traveller convinced her to use her sword and mental powers for good.

And now in this brave new 21st century, Weyhaven and the Agency seems a logical fit. Perhaps a bit too similar to the dislikable Torchwood for her liking, but the Madame has a skill of tooling things for the better. Vampires? They were a thing million of years ago, older than even the Homo Reptilians. And this new case with this doctor sounds just her cup of tea. With some deductions, sword wielding and a cutting remark in a refined Scottish accent, Vastra can help the ape detective as much as their mother desires… love? Unlikely. The Madame did marry a Jenny Flint back in the day, and has yet to find anyone who could match her. She does have a positive platonic relationship with N and A though, and is able to keep F and M quite in check.


I absolutely enjoyed reading this; you made it so entertaining!

I’m only familiar with Life is Strange and Wayhaven, but by comparing the LiS characters to their kinda-sorta Psy High counterparts, I was able to follow your idea.
Max in general seems to be perfect for this sort of genre and LiS would’ve made for a great text based choice game, too. It’s not my cup of tea, personally, but I can see how it would work!

And Madame Vastra (btw thank you for explaining her background, too! This is what I meant in the OP: I know Dr. Who is ultrapopular, but I only know it has something to do with a phone booth and statues who play “red light, green light”) looks and sounds totally badass! I can totally see her working with the agency and team bravo the way you described!

Now I’m waiting for Lady Dimitrescu X Wayhaven next

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I think Psy High and Life Is Strange could crossover easily, assuming one or the other were aged accordingly. I haven’t played any of the other games since though so I don’t know if the other characters would gel as well! :sweat_smile:

Oh Madame Vastra is bad ass. Add the rest of the Paternoster Gang with her maid/wife Jenny and her Sontaran man servant Strax and you have a great team that could help out Team Bravo easily.

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I think Jack West Junior from the titular novel series by Matthew Reilly could fit into the world of relics of the lost age, although both of them take place during different time periods; Relics before and during World War II, Jack West from the mid-1990s to around 2018. Both series involve tasks involving historical events and the past and linking them to the collection of a certain group of artifacts, with relics, it’s those six artifacts to open up a gate to tell you about a lost alien civilization, with Jack West Junior, it’s to hunt down the pieces of the missing capstone to the great pyramid and rebuild it before a certain area of the sun aligns with the earth and sends the temperature into the stratosphere and then it just spirals out from there. both of them link certain historical events and people to these alien civilizations somewhat and the action scenes are also over the top. Since we don’t really know much about the most high, and we know almost nothing about the builders who create all those puzzles and tests for Jack West and his crew to go through, I can see the possibility that they’re both the same thing although it would be stretching it pretty far

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I would love to see Homelander in the Fallen Hero series. For those who haven’t seen the Boys (what are you doing? Go watch it already) Homelander is basically Superman but a total sociopath and narcisist with mommy issues. A lab-grown “superhero” by Vought Corporation and was raised in a laboratory not as a child but as a science experiment.

I could see Homelander being sent by Vought to take down Sidestep to flex the Corporation’s muscles and show the world that they produce better heroes than the government. (Forgive me if I got the backstory of Fallen Hero wrong, I haven’t played it for 3 years lol)

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@Sujan_Dhakal I don’t know either, but you explained it well enough for an outsider to see how the two would make a good match.

@AlexHaydenX So you would basically place Homelander as well as the entire Corporation behind him in the FH universe? And don’t worry, the backstory and lore of FH is intimidating, to say the least. It’s awesome, but very difficult to remember in its entirety. At least for me, I get details wrong all the time. The Boosts among the heroes weren’t produced but accidentally created when a diet pill caused unwanted side effects (most died). The Mods are cybernetically enhanced humans that were modified by the government and private contractors with technology originally stemming from the military. The government basically stepped in and created the Marshal system to install some sort of order in the f-ed up west, but they didn’t intentionally create the heroes.

But lab-grown superhero sounds like a great Re-Gene candidate.

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CoG that isn’t Pon Para: (Exists)
Me: Gotta play my boi Tamur!!!

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