Legends: The Ranger

Legends: The Ranger

You are the blade to protect your people. The arrow to strike down your foes. You are a Ranger, serving the forest country of Tellahan. A nation deeply entrenched in tradition and war. As chaos slowly envelops Tellahan, can you save Tellahan and help it remain as one of the few independent nations on the Mage-dominated continent of Azora? Will you abandon it to its enemies? Or instead, will you try to take Tellahan for yourself?

It has been quite awhile since I last posted. This is what I’ve been working on and off again for the past couple months. The story for now is quite short, but I have lots of plot points and lore built up to make up for it. Concerning my Legends series, The Battlemage is what follows AFTER The Ranger though both stories will intersect at certain points (albeit briefly in Ranger as you haven’t established your character in Battlemage yet)

Update Notes:
3/13/18 - The prologue for The Ranger is almost done. It’s very rough as I took almost a year off from writing but with community input, I hope to reinvigorate myself and get around to smoothing out those rough edges. Stats are also very much fluid right now as I’m trying to work out how I want them to be implemented so there aren’t too many stat changes or stats in general.

Please don’t be afraid to add in your input, it very much helps me and sometimes a comment or two can help me make leaps and bounds. If you feel the need to, you can even private message me your input if you don’t feel comfortable saying it on the thread.

Most of all, enjoy.

Prologue: Rough Version is completed
Chapter 1: 0.1% completed


that was fun hope you keep on going on this

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Thank you! I fully intend to!

Nice playtest, I’m interested to learn more about this world and its creatures you have made. :slight_smile:

Thanks! If you look at my Battlemage wip, it’s around the same time as The Ranger and same continent too so you might be able get some more insight into Azora (depending on what version I left on the forum).

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Seems pretty good. Count me in.

This is really interesting and I look forward to seeing where it goes :smile:

I assume there are ROs? Is it Zarask? What does the guardian spirit mean when… they said they hate liers? Do they have any special powers that could… well know that what M/C is saying is the truth or not??

Um, I think this is a continuity error? They both drop like stones and suddenly they’re talking to me again?

Looks very promising! :smiley:

some text errors/mistakes

Moving on from the spirit’s vendetta against Morel, you towards Mariel, “Mariel, do you sense anything?” you say.

you move towards Mariel

"Why couldn’t we be on reserve duty? That way we could be back at the fort and I would be thrashing everyone in a game of Kingdom.


This could be one of the worst missions you ever had the honor to be apart of.

a part

Quick being such a crybaby Morel,”

Quit (?)

"Zarask smiles,

Remove the quote before Zarask

The light from the light from the fairies shines brighter as if to show their approval.

Repeating text

How’s about Serana?”


While Serana bounces around happily Zarask walks over to you and extend his hand,


There are ROs. Zarask, Morel, and Mariel are all ROs with more to come. The Guardian Spirit assumes you are lying if you say that you are not trespassing. This is meant to be more to show the state of mind of the Guardian than anything else. Accusing them without bothering to check.

@EclecticEccentric I think so. Haha. My *gotos are… pretty messy around this part. Gonna work on fixing that next. Thanks!
Edit: Fixed now. It wasn’t much as my *gotos were going to the wrong places… I just forgot to add *gotos at certain points and it didn’t result in an error because I used *fake_choice instead of *choice.

@AmericanShakespeare thanks so much for finding all of those mistakes! All fixed now!


I love playing rangers! Good start!

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Nice! I really like this. Reminds me a bit off The Rangers Apprentice series if anyone’s read them.


I remember those books fondly. In the middle of a reread.

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Seems interesting I wanted to befriend the wolf

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Adding that into the next update actually. Well at least the events that will allow you to eventually befriend and tame a Red Wolf.


I’m looking forward to seeing that!

Wanted to share some fanart my friend made of the twins (with their permission ofc) and a quick update on my current progress.

  • Adding more interactions with the twins per request.
  • Reworking the Red Wolf scene
  • Adding more descriptive detail of the twins to help players be able to envision them better
  • Adding more to your journey with Zarask to give players a more active role

If there are any other suggestions for things that you feel the prologue lacks or want added please let me know. If it’s within my time and makes sense for the story, there’s a good chance of it being added.


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