Lateral Scenes?


Is there a way to make some scenes non-linear? As in, each scene, instead of progressing one-by-one, can progress to a number of other scenes? For example, if you want to make a traversible map, each with different locations, could you assign each location a scene and move through them as your character chooses? And if so, how would you go about doing it? Thanks in advance.


You can either, depending on how big the scenes for the locations are use labels in the same scene, or use go_subs ir goto_scene.


You mean something like, say… 3 different parts of a district which have their own event, and all of them progress simultaneously?

The work can be quite… complicated, but it’s certainly doable. You’ll need a lot of *gotos and conditional checks to create such a scene (if I understand you correctly).


As in, the scene a player progresses to may change depending on the choices a player makes in their current scene.


As said, several ways, depending on how big things are:

*label housetour
   *disable_reuse #Go to the attic
      *goto attic
   *disable_reuse #Go to the basement
      *goto basement
   *disable_reuse #Go to the garden
      *goto garden

*label attic
*goto housetour

*label basement
*goto housetour


This would be alternate path for one scene, coming back to the initial choice

   #Take the green path
      *goto green
   #Take the blue path
      *goto blue

*label green
*goto door

*label blue
*goto door

*label door

This would lead from point A to point B by two different paths

   #Help Martha
      *go_sub martha
   #Help Laura
      *go_sub laura

This would lead to a subscene like this:

code for helping Martha

the return moves you back to where you came from and thus to the ‘finish’ aka the next scene on the list then
The scenelist should look like this

2_scenetwo (this is e.g. where the choice for martha and laura is)

the finish would then proceed the story to the third scene.
EDIT: (forgot stuff)

fourth option is goto_scene

   #go to spain
      *goto_scene spain1
   #go to Japan
      *goto_scene japan1

with the scenelist looking like this

2_two (here you'd pick where to go)

with the final bit in both spain3 and japan3 being *goto_scene 3_backhome



Yeah, this is pretty easily done. Let’s say there’s a map with five locations; Village, Forest, Mountain, Desert and Swamp. First you’d need to make six files. “Village”, “Forest”, “Mountain”, “Desert”, “Swamp” and “Map”

On the page that says map, the text should read something like this:

Where do you want to go next?

#The Village
*goto_scene Village
#The Forest
*goto_scene Forest
#The Mountain
*goto_scene Mountain
#The Desert
*goto_scene Desert
#The Swamp
*goto_scene Swamp

Whenever you choose to leave any of these areas, you just need to use the code:
*goto_scene Map


In addition to this, can you track chosen options by a different code than setting variables for them ?


Depends what you wish to do.
If you want to check where obe has been later, you’ll need a variable.
If you just want people not to go somewhere twice, either use hide_reuse or disable_reuse, or, again a variable.


But as far as i know *hide and *disable commands reset after going to a scene and coming back. Im ok with setting a variable though, just wanted to see if there is another option.


If you use a go_sub instead of goto_scene it should keep the options.
I dunno if you wouldn’t be running risk of looping, so a variable is a better idea.