Last Shot: A basketball story (WIP updated 4/12/23)

Lmaoo idk now i tried all different personality types aswell and also can’t progress when i have more have finesse it shows a bug amd other personality ends the same way :sob: trued all personality and stats variation amd still hurting him is the only way to win.

I’m working on fixing the bug, don’t worry I’ll let you know when I release the update

@Basketball_Fanatic What’s the scope of the game in terms of basketball? High school? College? NBA?

The game starts in high school, as mentioned in the description. I might be convinced to add some college segments, and at the very least I’ll include an epilogue involving the pros. (or if the game does well enough, a sequel)


Can you make getting drafted by the Kings a bad ending?


As funny as that would be, I don’t have the licensing for actual NBA stuff. At least not yet or for the official release.

The update is now live. I only had time to do bugfixes for the most part, but I’m going to be adding a lot more actual content over the weekend.


You can change the names a little bit, then you can use them. Like the Sacramento Royals, for example. (Not sure if it’s a very good example.) I don’t know the laws in America but this protects you from copyright in many parts of the world.

Yes won the match without any problems.

Great, lemme know if you find any other bugs

Finally got around to playing the demo. Almost thought this was genderlocked male since Ben is male and we’re trying out for the same team, and I’ve never heard of mixed team basketball (only doubles tennis). Plus the question about physique, since one can be male with a feminine physique, female with male physique, etc.

And the default name is also male.

It’s not genderlocked, I just haven’t gotten around to coding the in game explanation.

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Today’s update is very small, but it is out.

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so regardless of our stats and even if we lose we get to play amd even an mc who has finishing as his main stat is starting as pg is it intentional also we still get to play when we lose to ben.

The point guard thing is intentional. It doesn’t change because of your stats, mostly because guys like De’Aaron Fox exist. There is gonna be a scene to explain how you got there after the loss, I plan to get it out this weekend but I’m really backed up right now.


Ja Morant and Derrick Rose are good examples of that too.

For those that don’t follow what I assume is NBA, what is a De’Aaron Fox?

Sacramento’s point guard who makes a difference with mainly his finishing and dribbling.

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just make sure to give your game a good story. most of the sports based games are just stats based and they get boring real fast.

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I was busy most of today and didn’t have time to make an update. I’ve got a lot of big school shit to worry about right now so production might slow down for a couple weeks.