Last Shot: A basketball story (WIP updated 4/12/23)

I’ve begun work on my very FIRST game Last Shot. I made a post in the interest check thread a little over a year ago now about making a sports game given the limited number available and it received positive feedback, so here is the first look. In it, you play a high schooler that joins their school’s basketball team. The story follows you on your journey to become the best player you can. Will you be able to lead your team to a championship? Or will you just become another bench warmer lost in the sea of hopeful dreamers?

The games is still in a very bare bones state with a low word count and just a few options. If you’d like me to continue working on the game, I welcome all sorts of feedback. The end goal is to create a product for all of us to enjoy and the only way to make that happen is with your help!

To play the demo, go here:

To join the discord for updates on progress, author Q&A, and give suggestions, go here Last Shot: Official Discord

Update log
3/25/23 - removed secondary path content, rewrote games six to nine (Wordcount is now 28,415)
1/23/23 - added player archetypes, fixed save bug (wordcount is now 27,002)
1/5/23 - added epilogues (wordcount is now 26.627)
1/2/23 - finished the championship game (wordcount is now 25,004)
1/1/23 - finished the hospital scene and started the championship game (wordcount is now 22,018, HAPPY NEW YEAR!)
12/18/22 - added some more hospital content (wordcount is 21,503)
12/7/22 - added some content to find out what happens to Ben (wordcount is now 21,304 sorry for the wait things are really hectic right now)
10/24/22 - games six to nine are done, and I added a postgame scene for if you win (wordcount is now 21,117)
10/2/22 - bugfixing, games six through eight and a lockeroom interaction with Ben (wordcount is now 20,078) (20,000 view and wordcount celebration in the discord)
9/22/22 - bugfixing, a new rng system for the Maccari fight, and the start of games 6-9 (wordcount is now 19,108)
9/19/22 - Added a fight with Maccari, added postgame content if you lose the second game, bugfixes, art, and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. (Wordcount is now 18,866)
9/4/22 - Added a second training session scene (word count is 18,205)
9/3/22 - A time skip scene for games three through five is finished. (Wordcount is 17,137)
9/2/22 - The postgame scene for game two is now finished. (Wordcount is 16,130)
9/1/22 - Added a missing scene, added postgame content (Wordcount is now 15,030!)
8/31/22 - Finished overtime, added some postgame content, and added additIonal content for the secondary path. Not even covid can keep me from working :joy: (Wordcount now sits at 14,005)
8/21/22 - You can now play the entire second game, not including overtime. (Wordcount is now at 13,110)
8/20/22 - You can now play into the second half, earn achievements, and have a steamy lockeroom moment (The wordcount now stands at 12,029)
8/19/22 - You can now play the first half of the second game! (Wordcount is now 11,111 and yes, I did that on purpose)
8/17/22 - This update has it all! Improvements, rewrites, and MORE CONTENT! The wordcount is now at a staggering 10,126 and we plan to keep the momentum moving! :partying_face:
8/15/22 - ANNIVERSARY UPDATE! Today’s update is one of if not the largest I’ve made. It focuses on improving already existent content and making sure all paths are at roughly the same point in the story. The new wordcount is 8,556 and I highly recommend starting from the beginning to get the most out of this update. Just my suggestion though, happy anniversary everybody!
8/14/22 - Improved customization as well as improvements to the opening scene (Wordcount now sits at 7,267)
8/12/22 - Improved customization
8/1/22 - More work done to flesh out the post game (Wordcount now stands at 7,019)
7/29/22 - Additional content for the main storyline (Wordcount is now 6,807)
7/24/22 - Added backstory leading up to the tryout (Wordcount is now 6,466)
7/20/22 - More content for the secondary path, improved content on the primary path. (Wordcount is now 6,089)
7/17/22 - Bugfixes for yesterday’s update
7/16/22 - Additional content for the path if you lose to Ben, on to the next chapter!
7/4/22 - I am proud to announce that the wait is over! With today’s update you can now play through the entire first game. (The word count now sits at 5,720)
6/14/22 - Today’s update was more about fleshing out what we have than adding new content. We’ve officially passed 4,500 and 5k will be coming within the next few days. Tomorrow is the 30th day since this post was made and my trust level won’t allow me to edit it for a while. The game will still be getting updates, however all of them will be listed in the replies to this post instead. (900 views away from 10k btw. Thank you for all the support and keep up the good work!)
6/13/22 - You can now save your game!
6/13/22 - The second half scene is now almost finished and the wordcount is now at 4,439!
6/10/22 - More second half content and we now have an official wordcount! (3,913 words or roughly 10% completed)
6/9/22 - quite a few important bugfixes, one sentence for the second half :sob:
6/8/22 - finished the halftime scene and added a new relationship stat
6/7/22 - tiny update (bugfix and a little new content for halftime)
6/6/22 - bugfixes, new content after losing to Ben, new content during halftime, new content during name selection
6/5/22 - sorry for the longer wait, the first half of your first game is done and more is on the way soon
5/31/22 - small bugfixes regarding the last update
5/27/22 - The locker room scene is now finished and the entire first game should be done within a week
5/25/22 - added a new choice after hearing the starting lineup (It’s just a teaser for a feature I plan to add, don’t worry this isn’t the finished product)
5/23/22 - today’s update was mostly focused on descriptions so you can get a general sense of the way important characters look. I also added onto the only ending currently in the game in order to make it feel more impactful.
5/22/22 - a few bugfixes and getting the different paths to roughly the same point in the story. (We also have an update log now)
5/17-21/22 - Lots of bugfixes and new scenes (I couldn’t remember the exact date but it was in this range)
5/16/22 - bugfixes, a new scene, and two brand new stats!
5/15/22 - HERE WE GO!


I don’t know why, but I believe this is my kind of game xd


Hm, I’m not sure why the last choice has such a large effect on selfishness/leadership. They seem more about confidence level to me. You can be confident without being selfish, or you could lack confidence because of your inability to lead.

Also, you can change the file names; they don’t have to be the default tutorial scene names.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. I’m working on more this very moment. I hope you continue to enjoy it in the final product.

I found a little bug with identation! On my phone, so hopefully the screenshot works :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the bug report, I really appreciate it. I’ll have it fixed in an update scheduled for tomorrow.

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You have no idea how much I’ve wanted a basketball game on here. The sports category in COG is so bare which makes this that much better. Good luck and godspeed.


I am excited for this one.

I’ve felt the same way for years. This game was scheduled to be made back when the only available sports CYOA was fielder’s choice. I’ve got an update coming out tomorrow to try and keep our hopes alive for a little longer.


Do you think celtics can win the nba this year?

Honestly after sweeping the nets and beating the bucks who were the champions last year I think it’s possible. Celtics have a lot of good young players who aren’t even in their prime yet so it will be fun seeing them play against the heat.

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Statistically speaking, for a time this season the Celtics had the best defense in history. Even if the old saying “defense wins championships” isn’t entirely true anymore. It certainly helps. This is easily the most stacked semifinals I’ve seen in a long time. Win or lose, every team has a guy you want to see succeed.


Yeah and they are pretty balanced

I swear to god are you watching the sun’s game​:sob::sob::sob:bro they are behind like 40 points.

we need more sports games, please continue the wip.


I’m excited about this! :+1::grin:

Honestly I have high expectations and nice work .I would be anticipating more updated.

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Lucky for you, an update is coming later today

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I’m rooting for Luka the Don and the Mavericks to win it all.

I unfortunately don’t have the trust level to edit the description and title. However, the update is now live and ready for everyone to enjoy.